Top Ten Posts of 2016 & Behind The Scenes Facts!

A look back at what was most popular in 2016 on A Bubbly Life! I love taking a look back to see what everyone liked best and thank you readers for making this the best year ever!! I hope to continue the growth this year and will work hard to do so!

Last year, I did a Where Are They Now Special in my top ten and we learned that pretty much none of my plants in any of the photos are alive.   This year, I share a behind the scene fact from each popular post.  As a bonus fact- none of the plants pictured made it this year again…  However, I would say the past 6 months I have made a concerted effort to keep my plants alive.  It is kinda working?

10) Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub– So yummy, I love this one and it gets steady views since its’ debut.  Behind the Scenes Fact– I used a glass jar originally because it looks prettier.  Do you know what is super slippery and easy to break in a shower?  A glass jar.  I now use plastic.

9) Large Copper Round Mirror– Behind The Scenes Fact-  I am contemplating getting rid of it (after it took months to find and complete it…).  It is in our entryway now, but over time something about it doesn’t jive with me.  And yes, I am saying jive now.

8) Before & After Thrifted Shelf– Behind the Scene Fact– My husband uses this as his bedside table. Our bedroom is far from complete design wise, so we threw it in there cuz he needed a table.  It doesn’t match but I love it so much I couldn’t part with it.

7) Wooden Shoe Rack– Behind the scene fact– We love it, still used every single day.  No juicy info here!

6) DIY Party Hacks for Entertaining– Behind the Scenes Fact– My original plan for this post did not work out, I hated it.  I scrapped the whole shoot and the end result happens to be a personal favorite of mine, I love it.  So glad you loved it too (and the brand!)

5) TED Talks to Inspire & Ignite Your Creativity- Looks like I am not the only one obsessed with TED talks!  Behind the Scenes Fact– Um, I love TED talks, there is not much to say bout this one!

4) DIY Sprinkle Pills Behind The Scene Fact- I was living at my in laws while some house construction was going on and the girls and I were very sick, but I needed the post up.  I was very out of it the day of shoot and I ended up spilling a bottle of sprinkles all over their floor… There are probably some there to this day.

3) A Combo Post- DIY Thrifted Chair Makeover & The Time I Stole A Chair From My Neighbor
Thanks to some Facebook virality the time I mistook a chair for junk and my neighbor left me a sign telling me otherwise hit it big… And I heard from MANY of you who now fear they may have done the same.

2) Fonts To Make Your Holidays Sparkle- I had no idea fonts were this popular! Behind the Scenes Fact- I will bring more fonts to you since you like them so much!

1) M&M’s Cake Party Hack– Behind the Scene Fact-  This is NOT a cake.  I frosted/iced an upside down pie dish for the shoot.  It is much easier to move around for a shoot and I did not want to have cake in the house…

Honorable Mention- A sparkle ice bucket was published 12/22/2015 last year but it is one of my most popular posts and it did not have the chance to make it last year- so I am including it for 2016!
Behind the scene fact– although I loved the sparkle ice bucket (I used it for my NYE party that year) I thought the gold glitter champagne stars would be the hit in this post, apparently I know nothing, ha.

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