DIY Valentine Day’s Heart Bowls

I am pretty bummed this is the last week of Valentine’s posts.  I just love all the hearts and pinks that I see everywhere right now and do not want it to go away!  So, this week I have 3 posts to squeeze in, because why not have more Valentine love!?  In other news, I made my FIRST video!!!  It is only 30 seconds long and shows you how to make the heart bowls. I joined the Darby App as a content creator and will be sharing new videos on my channel every month- you can grab the app here!

And for all you who want to pin and read the instructions, they are included below!

Plain White Bowls (mine are thrifted)
Paint Pen Markers (I linked to the brand I used which for some reason are a fortune on Amazon, but at the craft store they were like $5)

These are so easy to make- and super cute.  They make a great gift on their own or I would include a piece of jewelry or candy with it!

Draw your designs, let dry, place it in the oven and turn the oven to 350 degrees.  Bake for 30 minutes, turn off oven and leave mug inside to completely cool.  And you are done- Valentine heart bowls and XO bowls for your favorite galentine or yourself.  If you do not paint inside, they are totally food safe.  If you want to paint inside, use as a jewelry, trinket, or key bowl instead!


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