How To Make Flower Confetti

If you live anywhere other than Arizona, wedding season is all around us.  (Our wedding season is in Fall-Winter because it is 100 bajillion degrees in Summer)

Weddings are majorly on my brain lately. Nick & I have been married 12 years, but this Summer we will be together for TWENTY years (holy shiznit we are old)… and we are throwing around the idea of a vow renewal.  Just a very tiny gathering of our bestest friends & family and the girls. Ahh, Im so excited!!  It wont be for awhile, but I love planning, so ideas are spinning like crazy.

I love flowers and I think throwing flower petals to celebrate a newly married couple (or old married couple 😉 after their vows is a beautiful send off for the happy couple.  They are also biodegradable and better for the environment than other wedding confetti alternatives.

Drying flowers is SO easy.  Pick the petals off the flower and if there are any brown spots, toss those flower petals in the trash.  Even a small brown spot will grow and look bad once dried.  I air dry all my petals- using a large piece of foil or parchment paper lay all petals down in a single layer.  The more they touch, the longer they will take to dry out.  I leave on my counter for a couple days and they done!

For the celebration, you can make individual cones for each attendee or fill baskets with the petals.

I used some fun scrapbook paper for my flower confetti cones!  You can also download some of my free printable cones from past projects- my flower bouquets from Valentine’s Day would be perfect for a wedding-

My Mother’s Day printables have a scallop design version and my graduation confetti cones have a confetti design version!

Happy wedding, graduation, or any celebration which calls for confetti (which is everyday in A Bubbly Life land 🙂

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