A New A Bubbly Life!!

I am sorry for how quiet it has been around here!  There was a ton of work going on behind the scenes on a new site & new projects and I can finally reveal the new site!!

Alyson Lott from Bash Studio redesigned the site and she is not only extremely talented, but very patient.  I was pretty sick during my 1st trimester and was not as responsive as I needed to be, and thankfully it all worked out!  Thank you Alyson!!

Some of my favorite additions-  We have categories! Finally!!

Click on any category in the toolbar and explore!  I will fine tune some more to add the Holidays, but I love that there is now an easy way to search for what you are looking for!

Shop!  Shop some of my favorite DIY supplies, home goods and more!


And there are updates to all pages, click around! Some updates are coming, my goofy pic will change once a shoot I have is done, but enjoy it as Alyson did!   New Sponsor Page   and  About Me and Contact

Feel free to contact me if you run across any errors as well 😉

A Bubbly Life will overall remain the same- DIY, Party and Cocktails- Home & Life is a new category, as I am starting Room Reveals!  The first reveal will be our bathroom!  For those who follow along Instagram Stories, I am asked about this and that in our house often, so I thought, I really should start revealing more of our home!

There will be another reveal this week- our baby gender!  I have always shared a bit of personal around here, but after coming out with my depression, the support was beautiful and I heard from many of you who have similar experiences. I did it to help break stigmas and to live my life authentically to you readers.  I will share updates here and there on that journey and the mess that can be my personal life, I still lean more towards privacy to protect the girls, but we will see where that journey takes us.   Next week, I will be back with DIY & a cocktail as we head back to normal scheduling around here!

Thank you for your patience, for following, reading, commenting and being the best group of readers a girl could ask for!  Love you!


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  1. Alyson says:

    So glad you like it!!! <3

    We will for sure get those sub categories up this week! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your new site Laurel! It looks fabulous…and makes those few of us still on Blogger very jealous! 😉

  3. OMG Laurel! It’s so cute and pink and perfect!

  4. So fun, girl! Just love the new design.

  5. Wow! Congrats. The new site looks amazing. And the logo is just perfect. Really love the clean look.

  6. Aaahhhhh it looks amazing Laurel! I’m on my phone right now and I love that there’s a related posts footer, and that I can leave comments too! It looks awesome AND it’s easy to use, the best combo! I hope you are less sick now and doing good, don’t worry about the break, you are making a human! Xoxo

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