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My first room reveal! We remodeled our house over an approximately 2 year period. We purchased a run down, old home with the intent of making it over for resale. The remodel was long and tedious and now that it is done, I spent time the last year or so with the fun stuff- decorating the rooms! I am a long way from decorating the house and with the baby on the way, I am trying to speed it all up and part of that is committing to sharing the rooms on the blog where I tend not to slack off!

Our kid’s bathroom is also the bathroom guests use, so I wanted something fun for the kids, but also not so over the top kid that I would want to throw up. Ha. We went with a clean white subway tile and Nick chose the granite to match what we have in rest of house.  In keeping with the white, clean space, I chose marble and wood accents for the room.  I used four DIYS for the room- marble & wood hooks, wooden towel ring,  marble & wood toilet paper holder & marble plant pots (this DIY is over 2 years old and one is the SAME plant, snake plants never die!!) . The sources for everything else are at the end of the post!

The girls chose the flamingo curtain and flamingo mat in tub (I promise they picked it, not me!)

The photos are from my instagram account and I thought a fun flamingo shot would go over well with the girls!

The kids toy basket! We have had so many different kid looking bathtub toy containers and none were ever big enough and I did not really like them anyhow. Picking a simple white basket up was one of the best ideas ever. It is big, holds all the toys and is not an eyesore. Also, the eucalyptus was a blogger needing something else in boring photo for styling. However, Nick lovessssss it. He saw it and said “this will be the next big thing, you should do a whole post on it.” Nick tends to get overly excited and passionate about things which is one of the reasons I love him. Now, due to my little styling inspo, I now will bring in eucalyptus trimmings once a week or so because I like to make him happy.

This wipe container is one of my favorite finds for the bathroom. Colette is 3 and still uses wipes for the bathroom- but have you seen wipe containers!? They are NOT attractive. This faux wood and white box is a kitchen pantry item I found on Amazon (which by the way I spent way too much time looking for a modern wipe container, but now you don’t have to) IT IS PERFECT! Fits a whole package of wipes, keeps them moist and I loveeee the look. Baby is getting one for his room too.

All items are linked in the widget below, I do not think I forgot anything…

A quick note- I linked to a similar marble trash can and marble dish, but I found mine at HomeGoods for MUCH cheaper.
The large wooden circle mirror is on sale at Urban Outfitters, they do 30% off sale items quite frequently and I scored it then!
The wood and marble side table from Target was also on clearance, so look in your clearance aisles at Target (although it was purchased months ago)

The next room reveal will be my closet!! You probably saw lots of sneak peeks of this on Instagram stories, I was obsessed with getting it organized! Not sure where I will go from there, let me know what you like to see!

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  1. Andrea says:

    lol I can totally see him passionately talking about the eucalyptus. I love it!

  2. John Hartil says:

    What a splendid job!

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