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A Book That Takes Its Time is one I was so happy to receive.  The subtitle is- An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness- “creativity” and “mindfulness”- Both of which I am passionate about.  We all know I have a creative side 😉 but mindfulness is a relatively new concept for me and one I began to embrace as part of my therapy for my depression (discussed here previously) .

When I picked up the book, I knew I could learn new ways to work on mindfulness techniques within my passion for creativity.  I happily discovered that not only are there soooo many things I can be doing (but, I should take my time and gradually explore them or I am missing the point, ha!) but that some of the suggestions, my therapist has even recommended for me!

A Beautiful Moment- A suggestion from my therapist and a section in the book. There are beautifully illustrated paper cut outs with a blank side for you to take note of a beautiful moment, write it down and save it.  I keep mine in a little box near my bed.  On some of my very dark days, I take these moments out to savor them, remember them and know there are more to be had.

I like to take notes and read on my comfy, shaggy rug. It is getting harder and harder to lie on the floor with this growing belly though and do not even ask me about getting up off floor, ha!

Smiling. I loved this section- Scientific evidence that smiling is a positive force!  I created a free printable for you to remind yourself to smile! ( download free Smile printable here ) Even if you fake smile, it sends a positive message to the brain!  Try it! Smile! I am smiling from writing this paragraph and so I will start feeling awesome any time now!  P.S.- I have another Smile free printable that I created in the beginning of the Summer when I made an effort to slow down!

I am excited to explore and take my time with the book and be more mindful and creative. The book’s chapters cover a variety of topics meant to encourage you to slow down, embrace life, be compassionate and to be creative.  Cooking, journaling, collage making, photography, sending letters- the list goes on and on  (remember when people actually sent letters & cards IN THE MAIL? and remember how great that felt to receive one?) I also loved these gorgeous images on pieces of paper included in the book to take notes while you read!

I think my next step out of the book will be to send off some of the beautifully illustrated post cards to some of my favorite people out there!  Mindfulness teaches you to be kinder and compassionate to yourself and others! Who does not want to try that?  Thanks for reading and remember, SMILE! 🙂

Pick up A Book That Takes Its Time here!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Oh!! Can’t wait to check out the book! And I loooooove that printable, too 🙂 🙂

  2. Sara Albers says:

    Love this book and love this printable! Thank you!

  3. The idea of keeping a physical collection of moments is so perfect!

  4. This book looks so incredible! I definitely want to grab a copy so I can explore all the details. I love that you’ve found some help through being more mindful — I wish my husband would try it for his depression! Your beautiful moment idea seems so healing, whether you struggle with mental health or not. Thank you for sharing! Many healing hugs to you.

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