DIY Christmas Card Holder

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I am so excited for Christmas cards this year!!! Last holiday season was a little rough and I took a couple things off my to do list to take a break and sending Christmas cards was one of them. But I love sending pictures of the girls to everyone and am happy this year to be back to sharing a Christmas card. Mixbook has such a gorgeous selection of holiday cards and I fell in love with them- they even offer a rose gold foil option and I had to get that!

I also wanted to create a Christmas card holder for my copies of the card and for all the Christmas cards we are blessed to receive! Mixbook offers large canvas prints and I designed two large ones to hold the Christmas cards. A simple Scandinavian tree design and a reminder to Be Merry! this holiday season!

Elastic Cord or
Rainbow Felt Ball Garland
Tape or Stapler
Large Canvas Prints
Be Merry Design & Christmas Tree Design

No step by step photos because it is SO easy- wrap cord around canvas frame. Tape or staple the cord to back of canvas print. I used tape because I may want to keep switching it up every year- like using the rainbow felt ball garland. You could also wrap Christmas lights around it!

Now onto the individual cards! (and an excuse to show off my adorable family)

The Painted Heart Collage Foil Cards was a great choice to pick a couple photos- including the baby ultrasound and the back holds photo of Nick & I. I chose the rose gold foil because rose gold.

The Brushstroke Heart Foil Card holds one of our favorite photos of the girls from a beach trip and the back holds our ultrasound photo.

Shining Star Foil Card One of just Nick & I because hey that is how this little family began!

Foil Stripes Holiday Cheer Card & Cheers Foil Card Last, but not least… are two holiday cards for A Bubbly Life. I usually take a favorite Christmasy image from a DIY to send to my clients. I chose my DIY disco ball snowman & a pile of disco balls for the photos. I used rose gold & gold foil for the cards.

Check out all the wonderful holiday goodies available on Mixbook!

And do not forget the foil cards- Available in gold, silver and my personal favorite- rose gold!

Be Merry this holiday season and enjoy the beautiful memories in the making with your family and friends.

Post sponsored by Mixbook, all opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors who keep A Bubbly Life going!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    This is such a pretty display, and I’m dying for those foil cards!

  2. Loving the foil cards!! And your canvas card hold is brilliant.

  3. What an awesome idea for a card display, Laurel! And that Cheers card full of disco balls is amazing!

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