DIY Eucalyptus Olive & Floral Wreath

Our backyard is filled with trees. Landscape design is one of Nick’s many passions and I tease and call him Johnny Appleseed because he will show up with random trees and plant them on any given day. I never know what to expect, that man keeps me on my toes. We have a ton of citrus, eucalyptus and he just planted ones where the leaves change colors because I miss living in a place that has Fall. We have a ton more but there is no way I could name them all. Anyhow, I love it because we have so many trees that I use for projects at home, table design, and entertaining. I wanted a wreath for our home and decided to head to the backyard with my clippers!

Eucalyptus Trimmings
Olive Tree Trimmings
Florals (optional)
Floral Tape
Wreath Frame (I used an embroidery hoop because it is what I had at home or you can use a metal wreath frame)
Floral Scissors/Clippers

I wanted a wild look, so there really was not much method to creating the wreath. I would add clippings, look back and decide where I wanted more. The flowers were leftover from my milk bath maternity shoot (that I cannot wait to see!) and we were lucky to have some peonies!

The flowers will not last in the wreath but I figure I can replace the flowers as they wilt with any floral I have at home. Or it looks quite beautiful with just the eucalyptus and olive branches minus the flower accents:

Maybe I can add some cranberries with pins to it? So many options to play around with! Dried fruit?Ooohhh, maybe I will make more…

Happy foraging and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. John Hartil says:

    It looks most attractive

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