Top Ten Posts of 2017 & Behind The Scenes

7 DIYs, 3 cocktails and 1 home makeover post! (Yes, that is 11 posts, but you will see why when you read below!)

Thank you for following along in 2017 and I look forward to sharing more in 2018! Our baby is due February 1st, so there may be a pause in there for a bit, but I do have things planned for the next couple weeks to get ahead a bit, I cannot miss Valentine posting- it is pretty much my favorite! Anyhoo, now onto the best of 2017!!

10) DIY Wooden Towel Ring

Behind the Scenes- I was chatting with my friend Molly & we were looking at another blogger’s bathroom makeover and we loved the towel ring. The towel ring was freaking $$$$ & I was like F that & said I could make it. I did. I sent one off to Molly (the ring painted black) for her bathroom.

9) Spicy Paloma Cocktail
Made while cooking our baby, so I did not get to drink this one after, bummer. One of Nick’s favorite cocktails (he loves tequila) so an easy cocktail to create while pregnant- no taste testing involved! Behind the Scenes- I nixed this edited shot from the final post, I dont know why, I like it now?

heart emoji balloons

8) Kawaii Heart Balloons
I love these ones!! I almost did not do this DIY, I was either sick or the kids were sick & going to the store to get the balloons seemed impossible. I am so glad I picked them up and pulled off the DIY! Another Valentine balloon DIY is coming soon 😉

7) DIY Acrylic Signs & Rosé Party
NOT pregnant. Enjoyed rosé after shooting. Learned how to do an accent é on my mac (haha, I did not know…) I remember it took a lot of online searching to find the perfect pink acrylic for the DIY, sometimes I get an idea in my head & then the product I imagine does not exist… Also, thank you for loving on a sponsored post so much. Readers and sponsors happy, makes me happy! (and keeps me employed!)

rosemary cocktail

6) Rosemary Infused Grapefruit Vodka
I did not catch over the year that this was so popular. Really happy you guys are loving the cocktails! Cocktails are my favorite to style. After this baby pops out, I plan to really hone in on my cocktail making skills.

6b) HOME: Master Closet Reveal
I am doing a 6b here because the rosemary infused cocktail was only 50 more visits than the Master Closet Reveal, so 6 is getting two winners! Behind the Scenes- still the most organized spot in my house. I truly love this room. I said this in the post, but Nick pushed me to do it to help me at a low point & so, I also consider the space a gift of love & encouragement which brings me more contentment.

eucalyptus shower spray

5) DIY Eucalyptus Shower Spray
No exciting behind the scenes here… Time for me to make some more, we have only a tiny bit left of this spray. Nick loves it too.


4) DIY Eucalyptus & Olive Wreath
Wow, only published in November and made it to number 4! I guess you guys love eucalyptus as much as I do. Behind the scenes- the DIY post I originally planned for that week was a bust and so I desperately needed a post because I spent way too much time trying to make the busted DIY work. I went in my backyard with clippers and said “I am going to make a wreath” Made and photographed within an hour and posted next day on blog.

3) DIY Holographic Plant Pots
Behind the Scenes- Same week as the kawaii heart balloons- me/kids/someone was sick & I did not have a lot of time on my hands, which is why I used the step by step photos from another DIY to show you how to put the paper on the plant pot. Same exact method & you guys did not seem to mind, thank you!

2) Another November post sliding in at Number 2! DIY Rainbow Stockings
Behind the Scenes- When I pitched this idea to Skittles, I really, really, REALLY wanted them to say Yes because I was so excited to create the rainbow stockings. I also went to ten different stores to find the pink & teal stockings, it was shockingly hard to find them in other colors other than traditional red & green.


1) Pineapple Coconut 7UP Cocktail Recipe
Mmmmm… you could do this one as a cocktail or mocktail. It was my first time using a pineapple ring slicer (to make the pineapple a drink vessel) and now it is an impressive drink at any Summer party I have. Or at least I think it is impressive, my friends just want to drink, ha.

Happy 2018!!

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