A Bubbly Life Reader Survey Results!

Thank you to everyone who took the reader survey! It helps me get an idea of what you all like to read and see around here and make A Bubbly Life a great place for you to keep coming back to!
Here is the wrap up and the questions you had for me are at the end! P.S. the survey is still up if you want to leave feedback, but the giveaway is over

Your favorite type of posts– DIY! Hands down the winner here with 89% of you picking it, all other categories (parties, personal, home tours, etc) were close in number and ranged from 30%-35%.

A follow up question to the DIY, was what type of DIYs are your favorite?
Smaller home DIYS was the winner with 61% of the votes! (examples like DIY holographic pots & marble & wood hooks)
Natural home DIYs, party, and holiday crafts all tied, so it looks like you just love all the DIYs!

33% of you have made a DIY or cocktail from A Bubbly Life. I loved seeing what you made- copper pipe DIYs, tattooed DIYS and beauty scrubs were popular answers!

The next questions I asked were what you may want to see on ABL in the future! I based these questions on feedback I have received thru email and Instagram stories (where I hear from a lot of you often!)

pink wall with bicycle

Would you like to see more posts with…?

Personal– An overwhelming yes. (it was also the second most popular post after DIY) Good news, I will be including more personal intertwined with some baby updates.

Depression/Trauma- A yes with a lot of maybes. I probably wont dive too deep into this topic for a bit and instead include small updates within the personal posts. I get a lot of feedback on my depression- encouraging comments, feedback from others who have mental illness, etc… and I would love to help break mental health stigmas, but it is also a struggle for me to discuss it, so I will have to test how comfortable I am with it!


You guys are mixed on these two, Yes and Maybe are the winners, but relatively 30% on each one was a No. So, I will dip my toe in them and check if you like what you see! I get asked about these most often on stories where you see me more (what I am wearing, working out etc) Maybe I will include my clothes in my Friday links instead? Either way I will do a couple and come back for feedback!

Posts YOU want to see (an open ended question)

Wedding DIYs- Nick & I are doing a vow renewal most likely in the Fall, so I will be working on this! Our vow renewal was supposed to be last year but we had a baby instead haha.

Crafts you can do with your kids- My kids actually help with my DIYs often but they are not “kid crafts” The crafts I do at home with them I usually share on stories, but I typically do not do tutorials of them… I will think about this one!

DIY Copper wire rings – I think this means more copper projects?

Gift DIYs

Workout routine

My Home- (popular response and more home tours are coming!)

Your pink photos

And a lot of you asked for more DIYs & tutorials on Instagram stories. Maybe I will do some before & afters there but I am not sure how this would work because it would be gone in 24 hours?

nick and i kissing baby bump photos

My next room reveal chosen by YOU!

The winner is my CRAZY PLANT LADY ROOM. (as peeked in my maternity shoot) I was not surprised by this one, I got so many questions about the room after the maternity post. So, I will get to work on finishing it up. It is the room I need LEAST done in the house though haha.

The laundry room and girls’ shared room are TIED. I will most likely follow up with a poll for this, or let me know in comments which one.

Questions you had for me:

Where do you get your inspiration?

1) Most of my home DIYs are inspired simply because I need or want it in my house and I decide to make it instead of buy it- or what I have in mind does not exist to buy, so I must make it!

2) It just pops in my head. Maybe if I traced each idea carefully how I got there I could figure out what inspired the idea, but sometimes I just get an idea and want to do it.

3) Trends are what I use if I am in a creative block. For example, one of my current favorite trends is holographic/iridescent. So, if I am stuck, I look to a trend I love at moment and think- what can I make holographic?

What is your favorite post you have done?
My favorites change from time to time… I think last year my favorite was my master closet reveal and DIY jewelry organizer.

How do you make money blogging?
There are many ways to make money blogging, I personally earn my income via sponsored posts on the blog & Instagram (working direct with a brand to showcase their product) and affiliate links (supplies I share, products from gift guides) I also do styling for brands that is not on the blog. I currently do not use ads (I hate the way they look, but it is a very easy, passive way to make income and I *should* do it )
Shameless plug: If you would like to work with me, drop me an email and check out my collaboration page!

Where did you get your hanging chairs?
Haha, the hanging chairs were seen in the maternity shoot. The room won the room reveal so you have to wait! And yes I REALLY do sit in them (someone asked this as well) I used to relax with a glass of wine and read for the brief moments of peace the girls would allow me to and now I nurse Cole in the hanging chair! Minus the wine of course 😉

Thank you for taking the survey and a BIG THANK YOU for all those who left me open ended feedback, every single one was positive, kind and so encouraging.  You are the best!

Check your email to see if you are the winner of the gift card!!

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    This was fun! Can’t wait to see more from you!

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