DIY Wooden Bunny Mirror

I am working on the design of the girls’ shared room and I always like to add a little DIY flair to whatever room I am working on and I really wanted to do an animal mirror for the girls room.  Bunnies are flipping cute and maybe I have Easter on the brain, but I wanted a bunny mirror.  I searched etsy, amazon and everywhere for a wooden bunny face.  I could not find one like I had envisioned, so I just put it on my DIY list to try later.  AND THEN, I went to Target- and they had this wooden bunny in the dollar spot ($3) which made this mirror a whopping $5 and exactly as I envisioned! Thank you, Target!


Round Candle Mirror (any craft store, use your 40% off coupon to save 🙂

Wooden Bunny Face  (Target)

(you see me! I didnt edit myself out of this one just cuz)

I use candle mirrors in my DIYS often, they are inexpensive and round! Remove the little backings of the mirror before glueing.

I used the back of the wooden bunny, the front of the bunny had lines on it. I ignored the writing on the back that you see in photo because the mirror would cover it up. If you use a smaller mirror, you will need to sand it off.

Glue and lay heavy books on top to seal.

Hang! (I used velcro strips for hanging, otherwise you can attach a hook to the back of the bunny for hanging)

Now, it is back to work on the girls room and figure out where this cutie will go! Cannot wait for the final reveal (which is probably another month away!)

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