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I showed a teaser of the master bedroom on Monday and now here are all the details!! (source list at end of post) I impulsively decided to make some changes to our bedroom a few weeks ago. New sheets, a bed frame (got rid of our cheap metal frame & box spring), hanging lights- my only disappointment is we do not have nightstands. We use some miscellaneous tables I thrifted and they have just been there foreverrrrr. If anyone has nightstands they love, send me your favorites, I am on the lookout!

I had the wooden bed frame saved forever and just never got around to buying it and have wanted new sheets for a long time. I went ahead and changed everything for a couple reasons- 1) I think I am super tired (pregnancy then newborn) and wanted the bed to be super relaxing and inviting in the misguided hope of getting more sleep (its the bed not the baby? ha). 2) After my recent longest period of depression ever, I just felt like the room held such a despair and heaviness. Now, I love the light, airy feeling, it is amazing what new sheets can do and how they can completely change the look and feeling.

“Bésame. Hasta que mis labios tengan tu nombre”– “Kiss me. Until my lips have your name.” I thought that was ridiculously romantic sounding and appropriate for our bedroom ;).

The linen sheet set was a splurge item and I paired them with some inexpensive linen pillows from H&M Home to get more color and save on cost.

Anyone else a sucker for the new Opalhouse items at Target? Loved this pink pom pom throw.
The rug was a score from Anthropologie, an additional 40% off clearance price! I check my Anthro clearance section any time I am by the store and it finally paid off!

The hanging lamps are from Urban Outfitters– we love the soft lighting!

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  1. Laurel I love your pretty in pink bedroom refresh! Everything is so lovely! Unfortunately I have no nightstand recommendations for you, I am having trouble finding any too! 😛 That rug and the throw are GORGEOUS. Also, I completely understand what you mean about needing to clear the air after being depressed. Mental illness takes such a huge toll on the energy around us, and it’s like it lives on in our surroundings. Good for you for treating yourself to some updates to bring in new energy. <3

  2. Shelby says:

    Was your headboard separate from the bed frame? I love it!

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