Summer & A Life/Blog Update!


pink skies and palm treesHiiiiiiii!!! I am very much still here (if you follow me on social media anywhere you know I am 😉  (hint, hint, you should) instagram/pinterest/facebook

I did not intend on taking a break from blogging or otherwise I would have prepared more, haha.  If you have been following along you know we had our third amazing baby in February, and he is a very laid back baby but woah we now have THREE kids and I had to figure that crap out.  It is not figured out yet and let’s be honest, it probably wont ever be…


One of the many advantages of the work I do on the blog is I get to stay at home with my babies, however as the girls grew and went to school, I worked more and more. Along came Cole and I had to press an unexpected restart on career and in the midst of grief, trauma and depression, something had to let go. The 3 times a week blogging obligation had to go.  I still blogged a little bit, worked freelance jobs, had some amazing opportunities and never left Instagram or Pinterest 🙂 though

So, besides third baby, lots of therapy, how have I been spending my time?? (not sleeping unfortunately)  WE BOUGHT A CABIN TO AIRBNB & SPEND WEEKENDS AT!!!! We are sooooo excited.  Nick did all the research on the investment side of things, I will be working on the home design and social media.  The house has beautiful views of a lake and when we were house hunting, I walked in and my jaw dropped.  And then I tried to keep my cool so the other realtor would not know I totally fell in love with a view that was way out of our price range.  Nick loved it too and he saw my face and Nick, when he is determined he will do anything and everything to get it done and he lowballed & bargained the shit out of it so we could make it happen.  The cabin is in Flagstaff, AZ and he has a dream of family memories playing in snow, weekends away, work turned off and I at first was reluctant (I’m a city girl…) but when we walked into this part of Flagstaff, my stress started melting away and I felt at peace.  We went to lunch at the clubhouse of our hopefully new place and had a glass of wine overlooking a lake and I teared up at the image of our family being here, our lives and I had hope.

pink classic car

A pink classic car I found while in Flagstaff. I attract pink everywhere I go.

So, anyhoo, I am working on that and we need to furnish and design a whole house and the first thing I bought was a hammock. Obviously.

i do again printable

Another thing, I am working on our vow renewal, Nick & I wanted to do it last year, but, surprise baby Cole!! So, I am back at the design stages again…  Hope to share more details on that soon, we really want to do it before the end of 2018.  I just made the secret pinterest board public, if you want to check out the direction! (lots of greenery, simple & soft)

I missed blogging and sharing.  Blogging has changed so much in the 6.5 years I have been at it and I feel like moving backwards.  Back to the time where I shared more. The authenticity.  Life with kids, marriage, depression, happiness, grief. So much has changed in MY life since I started blogging.  And when I hear from so many of you when I share these things, I think maybe that is the goal- we are not alone and no life is perfect and we are imperfectly perfect.  Although learning how to make a shoe rack is nice too, and, of course, we all need a cocktail sometimes.

So, this summer will be with printables and a little more life.  Production posts mixed in- I have SO many ideas, and even purchased all the supplies for some projects, but my time to execute is short.  I am hiring a nanny come August, so dont worry, I will be back creating full time soon.

Thank you for following and being a part of this journey.


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  1. Jeannie Wallace says:

    Hang in honey you’ll get thru the hard times and start to enjoy everything full on again. So glad you’re back with us all. Maybe our feedback can help you hop on the road to happiness.

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