DIY Eucalyptus Triangle Mini Wreaths

I am a huge fan of eucalyptus, it is free (as in it is in my backyard and Nick may disagree with the whole free thing being a good deal as I clip his trees too much, love you babes) beautiful and easy to work with! It also smells good. I tried a new shape wreath- a triangle- using an unlikely material- Kid’s musical triangles! A set of 3 is about $12 and they come in a variety of sizes if you want your wreath bigger.

Triangle Wreath Materials
Musical Triangles
Gold Spray Paint
Floral Clippers
Floral Wire or Tape
Eucalyptus Clippings

The triangles come in silver, but I wanted gold, so I did a quick spray paint over them to change the color.

You can cover the whole triangle with eucalyptus, but in this case I did one side and now that I am typing this, hmmm… maybe I should do a whole covered triangle too!
I just tie on where I want the eucalyptus and decorate the triangle and hang!I think eucalyptus dries pretty, so I keep eucalyptus wreaths up for a long time. If I have a flower bouquet, I may add a flower for a couple days to it as well.

Enjoy! Also, I told you I was a fan of eucalyptus, here are more eucalyptus ideas if you want them!
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simple eucalyptus wreath
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  1. Michele says:

    What size triangle did you use

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