Cole is One!

baby excited to eat cake

baby reaching for cake

baby wearing crown

baby eating smash cake

baby eating smash cake

I shared Cole’s smash cake this week and now here are some photos of Cole enjoying it! I did a photoshoot of eucalyptus and olive branch wreaths (here is a tutorial for those wreaths) and I made a simple crown of eucalyptus, olive branch with a touch of white flowers and chamomile flowers for Cole and the girls to wear. Cole kept the crown on for 1.5 seconds but it was worth the couple pics!!

And just like that the little light of joy in our lives is now a one year old. Every cliche is true, it goes so fast, I felt like I was just pregnant and in a blink of an eye he is one.

Cole is pretty much a daily on instagram stories, over here on the blog a little less, but his birth story is here if you are into that kind of stuff.

I also thought it would be a good time to share his newborn photos I took and ended up doing nothing with (they were for a birth announcement) Someone should not conceptualize and do photo shoots from start to finish as a Mom of a newborn, I was way too out of it and even left his diaper on instead of covering it with something prettier! Next time I will call in a pro haha. Oh well, I still enjoy them!

He truly makes us smile and laugh everyday and fills our hearts with joy and love. I wish my Mom met him, oh she would be so smitten.

Since he is our third and last baby, I actually feel like I enjoy it more and am so much more at ease because it is child number 3. I take naps with him, I play longer and I know that things that are very frustrating usually last a small season. I snuggle on the rocking chair and just breathe in this flipping tiny gift from God that I love so much. He races to Nick when Nick gets home from work. He loves Nick playing the guitar and insists on sitting on Nick’s lap. He loves taking bathes and showers with us. He adores his sisters, who spoil him like crazy. He eats everything in sight and loves blackberries, cuties, peas and so much more.

When he smiles his whole face lights up. He gives hi fives, says Dada, Momma & claps a ton. He is not walking yet but will briefly stand on his own, so I think it will happen any day now!

Cole has made our family complete.

baby newborn photos

baby newborn photos

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