DIY Disco Ball Planter

disco ball planter

One of my most successful all time posts on A Bubbly Life is from back in 2015 when I made disco ball succulent planters from disco ball Christmas ornaments. Although the post is 4 years old, I still get asked, where did you get the pink disco ball? I picked it up at Hobby Lobby that Christmas season and I have never seen that color again in the larger size. I always felt bad I could not source them for you guys, but now I have another option for you- disco ball cups! They come in so many colors!

disco ball planter has the jumbo disco ball cup on sale for $6.95! I picked it up during their large warehouse sale and it was what inspired me to do the new and improved disco ball planter post! This only comes in silver and it is a lot larger than the other disco ball cups.

So, all you do is remove the top piece with the straw and plant!

succulent and disco ball

Best part of the cups is you still get that disco ball light glow when it catches the sun. Just so pretty!

disco ball planter

disco ball planter

disco ball planter

disco ball planter

Here are a bunch of colors available:

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  1. Cathi says:

    Excellent idea! We all need more disco balls in our lives 🙂

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