DIY Easy Cake Hack- Blackberry & Chamomile

blackberry cake for one year old

For Cole’s one year celebration, I decided to forgo the big party for a couple reasons. 1) Colette’s birthday is two weeks before and we just had a big party. 2) since he is only one I know he wont hate me for skipping a big party 3) I had big parties for the girls at one years old and it is mostly for the parents, therefore, since it is about Nick & I, I went with what I wanted to do which was a smash cake photo shoot for his birthday. And Nick went along because that is what I wanted to do haha.

I loved doing all of it. I, in fact, have more pictures of Cole at his first birthday than I do of the girls cuz it was not a big party and just our family of 5.

So, I cannot bake and do not really have any desire to learn how to and therefore to make pretty cakes, I often “hack” it because what I want or envision in my head is not available from a store. Some examples are a naked cake decorated with flowers from a boho party and a plain white cake decorated with M&M’s

You can order a cake with white icing or make one on your own, I wanted the frosting PERFECT for the photos, so I ordered a small one from Whole Foods.

cake decorating ingredients

I gathered rosemary, chamomile flowers and blackberries (Cole LOVESSSSS blackberries so it was happenstance that it happened to go so well) for decorating the cake.

I lined the bottom with some rosemary and chamomile, in hindsight, I am not sure the rosemary was necessary, but I used so much greenery for the shoot- eucalyptus & olive branch wreaths and crowns, I wanted greenery on cake to flow with the shoot.

naked cake decorating

Popped on a couple blackberries and chamomile on top and Whole Foods happened to have a perfect yellow number one candle that matched the chamomile! I love how it came out, as I wanted floral accents without being feminine and I think this blackberry chamomile cake achieved it!

blackberry cake for one year old

blackberry cake for one year old

Happy Birthday to our little guy that makes our family complete!

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