Hot Toddy Cocktail Recipe

hot toddy recipe

Nick has inspired lots of my recipes, I love to cook and make things but usually for other people, so making food and drinks Nick loves that make him happy, makes ME happy. It is a win-win. I am pretty much an Italian grandma with food, cept I am not Italian or a Grandma yet (and NOT FOR YEARS please) Anyhoo, pretty much any cocktail recipe I have here with grapefruit was made for him, he loves grapefruit. But, for the first time, this recipe is a total Nick creation, he worked on making the perfect concoction for days on end (honestly, it was so cute & I loved his enthusiasm). He may also pretty much require you to have one if you come visit, even if you do not drink. He is pushy af, I tease and say its how he got me to marry him =)

hot toddy drink

The hot toddy has a surprise ingredient that I never expected in a hot toddy and it is the best hot toddy I have ever had, and we had to do a lot of hard work and experiment at restaurants. It is SO good. It seriously almost tastes healthy and I believe those people that say hot toddys make a great cold remedy. Honey, lemon… a little bourbon to put you to sleep…

hot toddy recipe ingredients

Nick’s Hot Toddy Recipe-

Hot Water
Ginger Syrup
Lemon Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar (what I consider the surprise ingredient)
Cinnamon Sticks

hot toddy drink

honey and ginger syrup

hot toddy cocktail

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