Valentine Gift Guide for Men

In my experience, admittedly, very limited as I have been with Nick for over 21 years, men do not really give a crap about Valentine’s Day and romantic gifts.

So, these gifts are much more practical- a workout shaker bottle to replace Nick’s plastic ones he always gets, coffee carafe (that I want myself…) 23andMe is such a fun gift, I got it for Nick’s birthday and we loved seeing the results!

An air pod case because as much as you love each other, you do not want to mix your pods up and share earwax. An overnight bag, travel packing cubes (omgawd Nick would love these), a 5 minute gratitude journal, a nice leather band to replace the one on the apple watch and a stylish bluetooth speaker! Happy Valentine’s Day and hope it helps you find a gift for the man that is hard to shop for! I know it is a short list of 9, haha, but I have to hold back what I am actually getting Nick, otherwise it would be ten…

Everything is from Amazon prime so you can get it in time for the holiday!

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