How To Create the Perfect Self Care Bath Time Ritual

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bath soak with flowers
I take self care very seriously these days. Although it is quite the buzzword and seems like a trend, it is an essential part of bringing me peace and joy and managing my depression.  So, I am all for the self care trend and keeping it around foreverrrr.

One of my favorite self care rituals that is easy to do (well, somewhat easy with 3 kids…) is to take a hot, relaxing bath. Scent plays a huge role in my self care rituals, and now that one of my favorite brands, Mrs. Meyer’s, has body wash, I had to try it! Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash is cruelty-free and made without parabens, phthalates, MEA, DEA, artificial colors or animal-derived ingredients. Mrs. Meyer’s Body Wash thoughtfully formulated products just rise above and beyond others out there. I love all their scents, and it is so hard to pick a favorite!!

You can find Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash at your nearest Walmart now by clicking hereYou can find it in the body wash aisle of the personal care section, and you can also find itonline if that is your prerogative.

There are a few things I do for my bath time self care ritual.  I use an aromatherapy diffuser (I like lavender oil), I enjoy light music, lots of candles, refreshing body wash and bubbles, a facial roller which basically massages my face and is a piece of heaven- and if I actually get a chunk of time, I write my gratitude for the day in my  journal.  These steps hit all the important details to relax me- scent, relaxing music, massage, body wash that makes my skin feel amazing and expressing gratitude for the many blessings around me. (including those kids yelling outside my bathroom door)
gratitude journal and relaxing bath

Mrs. Meyer’s Body Wash leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, and refreshed and comes in 5 scents: Basil, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Lemon Verbena & Rain Water

mrs meyers rain wash in a bathtub

I really loved the Lemon Verbana & Honeysuckle scents, but that is only because I am trying to narrow it down, I loved all the scents.  The body wash makes my skin feel smooth and soft and I feel utterly relaxed.  I can almost not hear my kids asking me where their shoes are, for their 15th snack of the day or why cheetahs have spots or some random question they decide to ask me while I am trying to relax.  
floral and citrus bath

bath soak with flowers

I would love to hear your self care tips and how you incorporate them in your life!

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