DIY Calligraphy Place Settings

“This post has been sponsored by Huhtamaki, Inc. makers of the Chinet® brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Setting up for a party is made so much easier with disposable tableware. I love to use Chinet® Cut Crystal® products because the clear crystal design is classy, simple and elegant. The clear design also allows us to write pretty calligraphy on the plate and create place settings. And, with this simple hack, you do not even need good handwriting! When I entertain, I prefer dispoable tableware for a large group, it makes clean up so much easier and I go to bed happy with the memories of a good party rather than dishpan hands. Although I love the ease of disposable tableware, I strive to find pretty disposable tableware, so that the party still looks elegant. I took advantage of the pretty, clear design of Chinet Cut Crystal plates and made each plate a name card! Each guest knows where they are sitting and the pretty calligraphy gives another touch of elegance to a party that this Mom of 3 will barely have to clean up.


Chinet Cut Crystal dinner plate (I used the dinner plate; you can use the Chinet Cut Crystal dessert plate or even a Chinet Cut Crystal stemless wine glass for your name)

Paint pen

Washi tape


Printer – print font size according to size of cutlery you are using

Print your name/phrase using whatever font you may like.

Choose reverse image or mirror image from the print settings. (Depends on printer what wording is used).

Cut excess paper off. Tape the name to the front of the plate.

Flip over plate and trace the word onto the plate using the paint pen.

Remove tape and paper and let dry!

Keep a wet paper towel nearby and you can easily wipe any mistake you may make when tracing.

I used our family names for our place setting and included Hooray (seen above)! You can download Hooray here for you to use at home!

The Chinet Cut Crystal collection includes the Chinet Cut Crystal dinner plate and Chinet Cut Crystal dessert plate, the Chinet Cut Crystal 14-ounce cup and Chinet Cut Crystal 9-ounce cup, Chinet Cut Crystal cutlery, and Chinet Cut Crystal stemless wine glasses—everything you would need for a party! Set up is so quick and easy, which I prefer as I get to spend the time chatting with friends rather than worrying about clean up!



Chinet Cut Crystal collection cutlery comes in a host-ready container; pop open the top and the holder makes it easy for guests to grab cutlery as needed. You can store leftover cutlery easily; keep the top and close it up when your party is done!

I insisted on using colorful drinks because the Chinet brand’s cups have an elegant swirl design that I wanted accented with color!

Enjoy this easy calligraphy party hack and sit back, relax, and enjoy your party; clean up will be a breeze!

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  1. Pam says:

    I love this idea and have never seen it before! We used these same crystal disposable plates for my daughter’s very casual afternoon wedding party. I saw your post on craftgawker. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

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