DIY Coffee Coconut Lavender Anti-Cellulite Scrub

coffee coconut cellulite scrub

I love making body scrubs at home because honestly, it’s so much cheaper, lol.  In my quest to minimize my cellulite I started a routine of dry brushing followed by a coffee body scrub in shower.  I think it works for that day, as in it tightens the area of the skin and seems to reduce the dimply look.  But even if it doesn’t work, dry brushing feels so good and the coffee scrub smells so good and it is a couple minutes added to my routine that is a worthy self care ritual.

coffee coconut cellulite scrub

While I am overall happy with my body after 3 kids, but,  ugh, after Cole my cellulite seems to have gotten out of control, I’m genetically predisposed as I have had dimples (sounds cuter to say that) even when I was abnormally thin thru high school and college,  everyone has it and maybe I’ll get over it but I’m still gonna try to minimize its appearance.

Anyhoo, jump on the self care trend and save money and make a coffee scrub at home.

coffee coconut cellulite scrub


1 cup of coffee grinds

3/4 cup of coconut oil

1/2 cup of himalayan pink sea salt

10 drops of lavender essential oil

If coconut oil is solid, warm up in microwave to liquid.
Mix all ingredients together.
Lavender drops are not necessary, but lavender and coconut scents are my favorite, so I thought why not add it?  You can add any essential oil you may like but the coconut oil keeps your body smooth.

coffee coconut cellulite scrub

coffee coconut cellulite scrub

coffee coconut cellulite scrub

coffee coconut cellulite scrub


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