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definition of sweat art print

sweat art print

I often get asked, how do you find the time to work out? I think my first post on working out will be very helpful –  How To Work Out Consistently– which basically the bottom line is I made working out a priority and therefore find the time.  I asked a bunch of people that also work out consistently- How do you find the time to work out? Here are 12 answers from a variety of people and the lengths they go to workout consistently.

and first up is me, haha.

I am stay/work at home Mom/blogger/brand stylist- 3 kids, 7 & 5 years & 1 year old (who is home w me daily) I workout 4-6 times a week.  

I am in the sweet spot for working out right now (everything is a season in parenthood, right?), Cole has finally adjusted to the daycare at the gym, and I go straight from school drop off to the gym everyday (or meet a friend to hike)!  If you are watching on stories, it was a bit of a battle to get him there without being upset but I am now able to workout 60 minutes and he has a good time there!  But, another absolute must for me is to- Have a home option for working out– We purchased an exercise bike and skier for home and I use kettle bells.  I know that is not an option for everyone (space, money) but I think a home option is key to consistently working out & fitting a workout in when getting to the gym may be impossible.  We have 3 kids, they get sick, have school stuff, blahblah and Nick is away a lot, getting to the gym is not always an option.  

Here are other ways people fit in workouts in their busy schedule!

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wake up kick ass print

Lindsay- owner of Junk In The Trunk & The Foundress, 3 kids- I work 3 days outside the home, 2 at home. My husband & I alternate early mornings so that we can each get to the gym.  The 3 days I work outside the home, I workout early, while my husband gets the kids ready for school, so that we can make it to the office on time.  On the days I work from home I get the kiddos to school and then go to the gym.  I work out at Barre3 and most weeks 5 days a week. If I don’t workout in the morning, it wont happen, my days are just too busy and with 3 kids and owning your own business, too many random things come up throughout the day that can easily take over if I don’t make my workouts a priority in the morning.

Tiffany- full time Teacher 5-6 days a week. I am fried when I get home from teaching 200 kids all day.  So, I get up at 5:15 am & do beachbody on demand so that I am done with all my “chores” when I finish work.  I usually participate in an online challenge group for motivation. I also walk at night some times too, esp rn when we have a step challenge going on at work!

push your self print

push your self print

Bonnie- full time Director of Technology, 3 kids- 4, 14, 17 . I have a home gym & focus on strength training 3 days a week for 40-50 min each session.  I have  a fitness/health coach.  I workout before work or after work.  My 14 year old will entertain my 4 year old if needed during workouts.

Kerry- stay at home Mom/part time marketing assistant/wedding coordinator/ blogger at Burritos & Bubbly, 2 kids   I work out 3-4 times a week at Pure Barre classes.  There is no daycare at the studio, so I can only go when my husband is home.,  I go at 530-6 am to be home before he leaves for work at 7,  Usually my kids are still sleeping when I get home.  Its hard to get up early but it’s totally worth it to take care of myself.

Andrea- full time social media manager, side hustle etsy store Hook & Hoop  additional 15 hours– I either workout before work at 6 am or after at 630 pm, I do 3-4 times a week and on weekends I choose an outside activity for exercise

never give up art print

never give up print

Trish- works full time outside the home, 2 kids, husband works nights so is not around for dinner/bedtime rush.  Works out at home to youtube videos while kids have dinner/tv shows/play time

Ty- works full time outside the home, 2 kids, husband also has reverse schedule- My work offers me a 30 minute daily break for exercise & I take advantage of it.  I also signed my kids up for swim team at our gym- while waiting for them in swim practice, I workout at our gym!

i can and i will

i can and i will print

Alex ( single mom, works full time at home, 2 kids- When I don’t have my kids for 5 day stretches, I workout everyday for an hour.  When I have my kids for 5 days stretches, I workout from home during the workdays when they go to bed for 30 mins w body weights & go to the gym on the weekends for 45 mins, I give myself two days.   

Gilit- single Mom of 2 kids, full time outside home, 3 days a week for 3 years now-   Babysitting is effing expensive, so I found a gym near my job & I workout during lunch & eat at my desk after instead.  It helps break up my day, no babysitting needed and I do not need to go back out once I’m home

rise and grind art printable

Rise & Grind Art Print

Nick (my husband!) -full time CEO of Community Medical Services, father of 3 kids, spouse to needy wife, lol- he schedules it into his day, its on his calendar and everyone at work knows that he’s unavailable during that time (although it’s pretty typical of him to do meetings during his workout-he swears by his airpods and has bragged that he’s done a full workout, gotten a haircut, and showered, all while on a meeting on his airpods).  He works out both Saturday & Sunday so it is easier on his schedule during work.  His regiment is extremely routine which helps him stay consistent. He goes to the gym for strength training on Tues, Thurs -first thing in the morning and Wed- farmer’s carries (heavy kettlebell carries). Friday is the only day he works out in the afternoon which is when he breaks his weekly 24-hour fast and he does a cardio workout (run or bike) on Sunday mornings.   (Nick wrote this himself, so he wanted to be complete, I only edited a tiny bit cuz it was so long, love ya babe) 

Thank you to everyone who answered my call for how you fit in working out!  I am very inspired by the lengths people go to workout consistently.  I am grateful to be in my sweet spot for a bit and not have to jump on a bike at nap time and get nothing else done… or do the skier with baby Cole crawling all around me, or stay up late to get a workout in, or… I’ve made a commitment to workout and be active for both my physical and mental health and it works, it really does.  I hope these tips help anyone who needs them!  You can do this!!





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