Greatest Party on Earth- Greatest Showman Circus Inspired Party

circus party with elephant cake topper

I was so excited to plan and style Kalia’s birthday party this year. The girls keep picking princesses, trolls and my little pony parties and just want all the pop culture plates and decor to match. In a way its’ been nice to not have to worry and plan so much, but I also missed it!

So this year, our family has loved The Greatest Showman on Earth, we have watched it dozens of times and listen to the soundtrack daily. And, Kalia wanted the movie, The Greatest Showman on Earth, as her theme! I was so excited to plan and decorate and celebrate her party with a circus theme.

balloon arch greatest party on earth

I made the poster for Kalia the Cheetah (she is obsessed with cheetahs and chose her stage name). And as a tribute to Greatest Showman on Earth, called it the Greatest Party on Earth! Est. June 14, 2011 (her birthday) and we hung the poster in her room for her to keep!

Guests took photos under the balloon arch and backdrop.

balloon arch greatest party on earth

To give the balloons, a more “circus” feel, I added large gold star foil stickers. It was such a simple, inexpensive touch and I think made a world of difference!

balloon centerpiece circus inspired

circus painted animal

I painted and put party hats on all the circus animals. If you follow along on stories, you have seen me painting them at night after the kiddos go to bed. I picked up a package on animals from amazon and and some I found at the thrift store, I figured the more circus animals, the merrier!

circus painted animal on gumballs

circus painted animal

I used the party animals as decor through the whole party, mixed in with the balloon table centerpiece and on top various party items- like a jar full of gum balls.

tiger circus party animal

circus party with elephant cake topper

My very talented girlfriend made the cake! I asked for a simple white with sprinkles and I used an elephant I painted as a cake topper and a sparkler candle from meri meri (I picked the up at a party store, I could not find it online easy).

circus party cake

The sparkler candle was SO fun, I need to pick one up for every birthday!

circus party with elephant cake topper

Kalia is not a fan of cake (although she did have a small piece of this one) and always request donut towers for her party.

donut birthday

I decorated with a couple little circus toy animals and multiple candles (she chose these cute unicorn candles)

donut birthday

Per our usual parties, I picked up a Greatest Showman on Earth book that I asked everyone to sign.

circus animal cookie favors

And for our finale, I dressed Cole up as a strong man, and took as many pictures as I could during the 10 seconds he left the mustache on. Nick put it on him twice and as soon as he did, would run away so I could start snapping, It was so funny and these two are my favorite pics I caught.

strongman costume cole

strongman costume

circus painted animal

popcorn favor circus party

circus painted animal

zebra party animal

Also, the best surprise of the day was Kalia wanted a bunny for her birthday. We hired a magician for her party and he pulled it out of a hat and gave it to her! The look on her face is so precious and I hope a memory she has forever!!

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