May in Review

Wow, it is already June!? This year is flying by… May is mental health awareness month and I made a promise to overshare my experience with clinical depression, trauma and grief on instagram stories. If you were unable to follow along, I have a highlight on my instagram called mental health that shares my experience and raw vulnerability during this month.

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It was mostly a wonderful experience to share with everyone. The feedback received and questions people messaged me made my commitment to share much easier. But it was hard sharing some extreme vulnerabilities and I found myself needing to put down the phone and forget I just exposed a huge part of myself to everyone.

However, one of the biggest takeaways from oversharing I got was that I was OWNING my experience. Depression, traumatic experiences- they do not control me, and by keeping silent about it, they actually did control me, it was too much hiding. Being able to talk about it made me finally feel in control over my mental illness. I do not think you have to overshare as much as I did, but I think when you control the narrative of your story, of your pain, of your illness, whatever it may be that you feel the need to hide- it puts it back in your hands and the illness/pain/trauma/whateveritmaybe does not have the control. So, go for it. Share with a friend, with a family member, with me, with social media. And, you will be more free.

So, in lighter news, here is a bit of our life this past May-

Mother’s Day- my 3rd without my Mom, and I had no idea how I would react. My first, I was still in shock I think. My 2nd, I was an unexpected hot freaking mess. This year, we went to a resort, rented a cabanaa- at a fancy resort- not one typical for kids so I didn’t have to be around a hundred kids (not a fan of that, sorry) and I had the most wonderful, leisurely day. Kids swam, their best friends came and met them, my gf and I shared some rosé and I felt pampered af. Nick is determined to take me to a new fancy resort every Mother’s Day now cuz I was so happy. And here is my body positive photo with belly hanging out ha

We went to Ohio! Random, I know, but Nick had to go for work, girls were out of school and our Army best friends live in Cleveland, one of my best friends lives in Columbus and so does my cousin! It turned out to be an amazing trip to see everyone and I got a unicorn photo- the 3 kids looking at the camera at same time!

And here is to June!!

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