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One of the things I enjoy about our cabin in Flagstaff, is it is very minimalist because we have only owned it a year and plan on air bnbing it. We do not have a ton of crap there over accumulated thru the years and keep it simple. However, on one of our last trips, I saw that our pantry was a hot mess and was out of control. It was a disorganized mess of various snacks, drinks and way too many smores’ supplies (if you ask me, my kids would say otherwise) We invite friends nearly every time we go and they bring snacks for all their kids, I bring more snacks than necessary because 3 kids (and a big 4th kid who eats a ton) and because we were in and out so briefly, our pantry got OUT OF CONTROL.

Also, Im sorry for shitty lighting, it is a closet, and there is no light.

This was the pantry before:

before pantry mess

before pantry mess

So, I took a video and pictures for myself to analyze at home. I needed as much info because while I was in town (Phoenix), I knew if I was missing something, I had limited resources in Flagstaff to find what I need. I headed to IKEA, Target and Homegoods to get the look I wanted.

And , when I returned to Flagstaff with a ton of baskets and storage with me, I:

Step One:
I took everything out of the pantry, so that the pantry was empty and I could start anew.

Step Two:
As I emptied out the pantry, I organized everything on my kitchen island into sections- snacks, drinks, dry goods, etc…

Step Three:
Reduce space by getting rid of big boxes snacks may come in. Fill the baskets by category that you set aside.

And, that is it! It did not take long at all, although price wise those baskets add up $$$$
I am slightly embarrassed at how excited the pantry looks and that I make everyone look at the pantry when they come over. This is being old. Im so fun.

pantry makeover

pantry makeover

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