June In Review

Favorite thing I wore-

This jumpsuit is SO comfy, it is like pajamas and it may be pajamas for all I know but idgaf. Wearing it for travel has been wonderful! It has pockets which automatically makes it awesome (duh) & I am sorry it is sold out on Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack, but check out your store for it, you need it!!

I’m wearing it with a bra top from urban outfitters & a skinny rose gold belt.

elephant cake topper on sprinkle cake

Fav entertaining this month-

Kalia’s big birthday bash- you can see the whole post here.

Another new animal for our growing farm-

And we GOT A BUNNY! His name is bun-bun and the magician pulled it out of a hat for her and she gasped and looked so happy and Nick & I exploded with happiness and maybe a bit of tears.

Cole. living his best summer life over here.

I had a hard time giving up the balloon garland I made for Kalia’s party.

Flagstaff- we are back spending time at the cabin and escaping the 100plus degree heat. We love it there. However, we did have a leak and have damage and working with insurance conmpany to get it fixed. The good news is, I get to redesign most of the master bath and the laundry room, so hopefully I will come up with something fun to share on A Bubbly Life.

Mental Health- Last month I was oversharing for mental health awareness month and now have quieted back down. My medication was upped to 40 mg and I have had not one episode since (YEAYYYY) (I was able to cope with the 3rd year anniversary this past weekend of my Mom’s unexpected passing without spiraling)
HOWEVER, the medicine has caused lots of weight gain, and as you may know I am very active working out and I am a health nut minus my love of wine. So, I am going to do a full blood panel and hopefully find a way to supplement possible hormone changes and stay on the meds that have made me feel like myself again after 3 long years of severe depression. I will continue to discuss updates because I am googling like crazy what to do with weight gain from anti-depressants and if I can find a way, I want to share it!

Love you peeps, thank you for following along!

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