A Few of My Favorite Things from Amazon!

I finally got around to setting up my Amazon storefront and I will share some favs here today so you can check out the store! I use Amazon probably way too much, but the convenience of Prime shipping and it arriving right away helps me manage my home, kids and everything! I make a small commission off any sale from the stores. (also I know these photos are crap, its off my iphone inside house so forgive me!)

fashion- this section of the store are items I actually own and like, I did not include any wish list items or anything I have ordered and did NOT like. Amazon fashion is VERY hit and miss, which is why I did not include wish list items because I would hate for you to get something crappy on my rec. Some stuff looks so cute and then is total crap when it arrives. But, I have a few VERY good finds that I highly recommend.

These yoga pants ARE THE BEST FOR A GREAT PRICE- I own them in 3 colors and two black (I workout five days a week & prefer to have at least 5 outfits) They are buttery soft and have large pockets that hold my cell phone while I workout. In person, I have convinced many people to pick them up from Amazon. My girlfriend, Katie recommended them to me way back and she is like an actual marathon runner, so I knew she gave good advice. I am so serious run and buy these as good as lulu lemon pants for $24 now.

baby boy in romper

baby boy fashion- little Cole’s clothes that I have picked up on amazon and love. I LOVE THIS ROMPER he is wearing above and it is only $11.79!

home- these are more my WISH list items, such pretty stuff!

baby favorites- I find lots of wood toys for Cole on amazon! Most of what is here we do own, some are wishlist items.

health & beauty- again, these are all items I use and recommend, no wish list here

I will probably divide up and make more categories, but that is all for now!

Happy Shopping!

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