August In Review

Nick & I celebrated 22 years together!  Our first “official” date was August 2nd (it may be the 1st or 3rd but we have forgotten) We also were on a podcast, check it on here:  With Love, Avi.  We discuss our 22 year relationship, what we think of love, depression on our marriage, kids, sex and answered everything honestly, so much that both Nick and I blush at some point, haha.

Cole is 18 months now and breaking hearts everywhere, mostly mine because he looks so toddler like and no longer a baby.  His head is still huge, 89%, lol, such a cutie.  (Cole’s romper link)

Back to School Cole pretends he goes too by taking his sister’s lunchbox and backpack. Routine is here and I love it.  I am adjusting to this new season of life.  Cole napping in afternoon, me working the nap time hustle and trying to figure out if and how I can grow the business the way I want to and be the Mom I want to be.

living room rug and sofa

Flagstaff–  After the leaks that destroyed our flooring, we got all new wood floors put down, which means I am doing one of my favorite things- rug shopping!  Picked up the huge rug you see in photo for the living room.  Still on the look out for one for our master bedroom. (that little blur is a dancing Colette)

Mental Health–  we added in a new medicine and we are weaning off the rapid weight gain one, still trying to work off what I gained, but I feel very healthy and fit with my gym routine and lifestyle and trying to concentrate on THAT versus the extra pounds, but it would also be nice to see my muscle definition from my difficult workouts…

Speaking of lifestyle changes, I am making little adjustments to be more plant based and eat less meat.  I have always made Nick & the kids meat dishes while I just ate salad (I do not like lamb, much pork, and rarely steak), so it should not be hard, but the cool thing is I convinced Nick to do one meatless meal with me a week!  I never thought he would agree to it!!  Send me your recipes, I am pinning away and sharing what we eat on stories!

What I Wore: I do not normally hold up the peace sign when taking pics, but I was saying peace out Arizona high temps!  Denim Shorts
Zara Tank Top Sandals (Similar) Kimono (Similar) 


Til next month and September is my birthday month!!


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