DIY Adult Punny Typography Pumpkins

funny typography pumpkins

So, I pretty much love these pumpkins. They make me laugh, although admittedly, I laugh very easily. They are the easiest things to make. Can I call it a DIY? Yes, I can because that’s how I roll.

I forgot to take how-to pictures, but I put stickers on pumpkins. That’s it. It took me maybe five minutes…it took me longer to get the supplies at the store.

I used these 1/2 inch black letter stickers, depending upon the size of your pumpkins, you may want to go smaller or larger. These stickers come in a variety of sizes and colors. I personally like the black and white look for Halloween (with a dash of pink shelf 😉

funny typography pumpkins, i want boos

Are you having a Halloween party? Make these pumpkins for the Halloween party! I chose adult punny phrases for each pumpkin. Enjoy!

funny typography pumpkins, cheers witches

funny typography pumpkins

funny typography pumpkins, creepy af

funny typography pumpkins, spooky af

Had to include Parks N Rec reference! (my favorite show)

funny typography pumpkins, trick or treat yo self

funny typography pumpkins

Do you have a favorite? I think my favorite is Spooky AF. I really like writing AF cuz I don’t have to say the f word technically…

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