A Week of Fashion at Alt Summit

Since I needed to actually be dressed up everyday for my time at Alt Summit, I am sharing all links and photos here, I could not answer all questions on stories because I was at the conference and so I am doing my first long fashion style post. Pretty much all bathroom selfies, lol. I love fashion and always have but with my routine of schooldropoff-gym-errands-work everyday I rarely change out of my workout clothes unless I haven an event or a date night.

gray topshop romper

This TOPSHOP romper with pockets was my 4 hour car drive to Palm Springs outfit and this picture is the before. It feels like pajamas!! It is so comfy and I think I could dress it up as well. Flats from H&M– I pretty much wear them daily.

gray topshop romperHere is the after, lol- braid ruined and it looks like I spilled something on my pants (this is how real fashion bloggers blog, right?)

green romper pockets

Day One outfit- Monday was the day of my craft demo class and I wanted something cute, able to wear with flats and that has pockets (well, I want pockets everyday). I linked similar at the end of the post roundup. This romper is actually about ten years old, bought at a maui boutique from our time in Hawaii.  It is a bit more snug, but hey it still fits!  Also, I clearly have been obsessed with rompers and pockets a long time and I did not even realize it until I pulled this out from my closet.

topshop pink shorts outfit

Day 2- I love these TOPSHOP shorts.  They run large, these are a size 4 and I needed a belt because the waist was not tight enough. The reviews have complaints about the big size, but with a belt it worked fine for me.  I added the belt because the waist was not tight enough.  I am in a reformation body suit but linked similar and white booties that I can walk in all day finished it off. (linked below)

green palm leaf romper

Day 3- my last full day at Alt Summit.  If you follow on stories you have seen this before, I have owned it over a year.  It is a STEAL from amazon at $18 bucks.  It runs small, I have a long torso and usually size up in rompers, but mine is an extra large- I normally wear a medium, but the large um was too tight in crotch area.  My hair was really bugging me this day.   I brought 5 pairs of shoes with me and wore only two entire time, lol.  I am obsessed with these white booties tho.

green palm leaf romper

I think this was after Pinterest fixed my hair.  Thank goodness. Also showing is my big Gucci cocktail ring that is ridic and I love.  My bff and I were in Vegas, a little tipsy and he wanted to go to Gucci.  And I gave him so much crap cuz- blahblah labels- blahblah who cares.  Walked in, fell in love with this ring, which was not expensive for Gucci and I was tipsy so it sounded good.  Walked out and won all the money in slots to pay for it.  So it is a lucky ring as well.

white summer dress with pockets

Last day- Instead of leaving right away, I ended up doing a 3 hour brunch with my friends from mixbook and I got dressed instead of changing into my sweats for the car ride home.  I did bring my sweats in bag and changed right after lol.   This dress is from a blogger’s line, Sincerely, Jules. I love it (it has pockets!) but I don’t know if her line exists anymore, I couldn’t find anything.  I linked similar cute white dresses. And, I am top bunning it cuz two nights of karaoke to 2am… I was happy to be even dressed.

So, I freaking forgot to take a picture of my drive home outfit except for the shirt, so here is my comfy outfit I wore to drive to Flagstaff this week. I am actually clean here tho and I was a hot mess on way home from Alt, I forgot cuz I changed in a bathroom stall at lunch, lol. I am obsessed with these jogger pans from BP and the tank is from Free People but it is sold out 🙁

comfy car outfit jogger pants

So, how did that go? First long fashion style post with top buns, crazy hair and stain on pants- NAILED IT?

Here is all the links- including sunglasses(only $15!) and the TOPSHOP jelly tote that I legit was asked 20 times where I got it from, I need to get better pics of it, anyhow more below:

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