April in Review

I realized I had not done a review in awhile and decided to update on life! 

Quarantine & COVID-19

Just like everyone else, quarantine life has dramatically changed what we are doing right now.  We started quarantine about a week earlier because little Cole was in the PICU the beginning of March and when we got out of the hospital, things really started to shift in the world and Arizona’s response to COVID.  One week later, we were back at hospital with Cole and the hospital had completely changed- temperatures at door, no one allowed to stay in waiting room (which was nice because we were taken back to a bed right away).  If the doctors and nurses did not need to check on Cole would talk through the curtain so as not to waste protective gear.  It felt very isolating and I only experienced it briefly, my heart and prayers are filled daily for the patients of COVID who have to experience it alone in a hospital, it is absolutely heart breaking.

Thankfully, we were released that day,  they wanted to hold him for observation but the doctors there and our pediatrician ultimately decided it was safer for him to go home than potentially be exposed.  However, he now fit the criteria for a test because he had one PICU visit and then a week later another emergency visit for his oxygen. Our family was put on medical quarantine, meaning we could only leave for doctor/hospital visits- thankfully the test was back in 48 hours and was negative.

We are all happy and healthy, only leaving the house for essentials, I am primarily the one that does pharmacy, grocery etc as Nick is in a risk category.  I realized our family is on a lot of drugs though, lol I have to go to pharmacy more than I would like!

Of course it is up and down- home schooling two different age groups, a needy toddler and Nick’s work around the clock because he runs drug treatment centers (a medical area that requires a lot of response to COVID19 can make the days long and I get more impatient and frustrated than I like. However, I know we are one of the lucky ones- wonderful bonding time together as a family (I love having Nick at home for work, he loves it too as I make him all meals and slip in office to feed him, haha)  a big house for kids to play and Cole is talking SO much more with everyone home, it is so cute.  But, I am counting down the days til school ends because it is a huge stressor.

Nick & I celebrated 15 years of marriage!  He took the day off work, we went to a spa and had a couples massage and he made dinner one night (baked lobster tails, one of his specialties and seafood is my favorite), I made dinner the next night (which I do not remember what because as Nick said “You make my favorite meals every week”) which is true and very sweet.  Anyhow, the spa was a wonderful break and treat in middle of the week.

green romper pockets


So, remember February when we used to go out?  That was a good memory, lol.  I went to ALT Summit, which was probably one of the last conferences to not be cancelled, things started changing about that time.  Brands were prevented from flying in while we were at conference, it really was a strange time.  This also is what made me paranoid about Cole, he got sick soon after and I just was at a conference with hundreds  of people and I thought I was Patient Zero.

ALT Summit was a blast though, and I am soooooo glad I was able to go, teach a craft workshop, meet brands and go out at night and be kidless for a bit right before quarantine where I cannot leave these little ones.  I did a fashion round up while at ALT because I was dressed nice everyday, lol.

Some of my campaigns for work were postponed indefinitely (idk why they just dont say cancelled lol) but luckily I have been able to work consistently right now and I am so ever grateful for that.  It also appears a lot more people are spending time looking at blogs again and I am very happy that you are here and hello to any newbies!! Pic above from some styling work for Mixbook.  (I do styling work outside of blog, hire me! =)

Mental Health

May is mental health awareness month and like last year, I will be sharing on Instagram stories nearly daily about my current life with managing my PTSD & depression and new coping skills, book suggestions, etc…I made the commitment to share last year and even though it was very difficult, I received so much feedback that I am making the commitment again.  I hope it is helpful, which is the reason I step out of my comfort zone and do it, so if you know anyone who could use it, please suggest them!

If there is anything in particular you want to ask me, just let me know!

As for my mental health, I found a medication that is working!  My depression is much better, but underneath all that is now dealing with my trauma more which is not fun.  Although I have done so much trauma work in the past 3 years, we often had to stop because my depression would plummet and basically I could not handle it- stopping and going was very hard.  I just want all of it to be over with and hoping after all this hard work that it is somewhat soon.  I know it is a lifelong process but I want it to not overwhelm my life.  I am SO happy that the depression is managed right now, quarantine would be made so much more difficult.

Farm Life

We have a ton of chickens and the girls started their own business- Kalia & Colette’s Coop and sell the eggs to friends and neighbors.  Half of the earnings go to the Humane Society per the girls request.  Our alpacas just got sheared and look so funny and skinny, it is crazy, I do not have a pic of it yet though!  A new addition is a white emu, he is bigger than seen here, but he loves following Cole around and we think the emu imprinted on him, hahaha!

We also opened the “farm” for friends and family to see during quarantine- no contact with humans and they go in thru our back gate, feed and visit the animals as we wave through the window to say hi.  We have even have adults come visit, you do not have to have kids to come by!

See you a lot on stories this month!!


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