Halloween Iron On Tees

pink halloween tees that say boo, hey pumpkin and have a ghost

halloween toddler tee shirts

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Happy October 1st!  I am sharing posts for Halloween to make this crazy quarantine, covid, Halloween time special for the kids.  I hope I can share at home activities that you can enjoy with the kiddos and make Halloween amazing.  My goal is to make them forget about trick or treat!  Check out the other crafts and projects I made for our stay at home Halloween: Pink Halloween Chocolate Candy Bark and Pin the Spider on the Web Free Printable

Materials Needed:

Cricut or other vinyl cutting machine (I use the Cricut Joy) 

Iron on Vinyl

Iron or Cricut Heat Press

Halloween Designs I Chose Project Link 

Now that I own a Cricut I use it very often & when I discovered the iron on, I went a little nuts making stuff for Cole.  The designs can be used for any age group that likes Halloween- a baby onesie, toddler tees, kid tees, teenagers and adults (so yes, everyone) just adjust the graphics when you open it in the design space.  The shirts I bought were 3T sized and are Hanes and can be found on Amazon, they have a variety of colors over there like gray, blue, black and more!

I made three designs for little Cole- Boo! A cute ghost and Hey Pumpkin!  He loves the Boo shirt and walks around pointing to it and saying Boo, it is soooo cute.  But, he stops whenever I pick up my phone to record him doing it, why do kids do that!?

halloween toddler tee shirts

halloween toddler tee shirts

A note: this post is not sponsored by Cricut, who I do work with on sponsored material, but I have become obsessed and use it for tons of projects now.

Another side note: Can someone please make my baby stop growing up so fast!?

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