Halloween Sprinkles Cotton Candy

Another Halloween treat for the kiddos (or adults- a take on cotton candy with some Halloween sprinkles!) Now, if you have access to a cotton candy machine, these would be so much cooler. but, I do not have access and I doubt many of you do so here is an easy do it yourself version for home!

Materials/Ingredients for Halloween Sprinkle Cotton Candy!

Halloween Sprinkles (eyes would be so cool, too)
Party Horns or Unicorn Hats (for cotton candy holder)
Cotton Candy
Sticky Bats

Directions are below video!

Remove the string from the unicorn party hat, if you are using a party horn (another favorite of mine to use for cotton candy) there is no string so you are ready to go!

Add sprinkles to cotton candy (you can lightly spritz water so it sticks) The glitter confetti sticks very easily, the ghosts I needed some water. You must LIGHTLY spritz or else cotton candy will deflate.

Add a bat sticker to the unicorn horn party hat.

Enjoy your Halloween treat! Check out all my Halloween posts this year for a fun quarantine party at home!
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sprinkle cotton candy for halloween

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