DIY Self Care Gift Set

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For gifts, I love to create sets for people with multiple items that are affordable instead of one large gift, I think it more fun to get multiple gifts, haha!  I love self care and think it is an essential component to keep us mentally healthy.  I loved the idea of creating a gift set of self care items and I used my Cricut Joy to create more “me” branded items that my girlfriend may enjoy!  I’ve worked with Cricut a few times now (as sponsors and for multiple organic posts) and I am still learning new things-  this was my first time using transfer tape and I was overly excited!  Read on to learn more

How To Create A Self Care Gift Set!

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Cricut Materials:

Cricut Joy

Iron on Vinyl

Permanent Vinyl

Transfer Tape

Self Care Items:
Plain Journal

Sleep Mask

Plastic Spray Bottles


So… this is me working on the floor, lol. The girls are back at home for virtual school for a bit and thankfully the Cricut Joy is very portable since I was kicked out of my normal work arrangement.
I designed and began printing the labels I needed.

First up are the spray bottles- lavender linen spray and eucalyptus shower spray.  (for the lavender spray- combine lavender essential oil and purified water) 

Lavender is so relaxing and I use a sleep spray every night, I also love having a linen spray to spray all over the sheets (give me all the lavender!!)

The eucalyptus shower spray is wonderful in the shower- even Nick likes it!

So, because of the lettering I decided to use transfer tape for the first time- I loved it, made the lettering all even for me and it was so easy-

After cutting out the vinyl piece- I applied the transfer tape and rubbed firmly on both sides –

And then lifted the transfer tape off and all the lettering comes with it! lol, mind blown!  Applied it to the spray bottle and lifted off!

Next is the sleep mask!  Sleep is a HUGE component for strong mental health, for everyone, not just those of us with a mental illness.  I like total darkness when I sleep, so I included a sleep mask and used iron on vinyl.

After weeding out the vinyl, I just used the Cricut Easy Press iron on and it was done!  I have to admit, I first thought an additional machine to iron on something was unnecessary, but the easy press has a timer, preheat to any temperature and you can find out how long and what temperature as needed for any material.  So, now I love it! 

For the candle and the journal I used permanent vinyl (you can also use temporary vinyl)

Super easy- just print, remove excess vinyl and add to the candle and journal.

There are many more ideas and items you can include and add to a self care gift basket- maybe a cup for tea, a yoga mat, etc… You can use Cricut Joy for any of these things to create a more personal touch.  What would you include in your self care gift basket?



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  1. Kara says:

    So cute! I love my Cricut – itโ€™s weirdly one of my most useful tools! This is such a great idea. ๐Ÿ’–

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