Christmas Chocolate Candy Bark

christmas candy bark with lots of candy

You loved my Halloween candy bark so much that I decided to do a Christmas version as well.  Many people asked where I purchased the cute big marshmallow ghost and a lot of the candy from the Halloween chocolate bark and this Christmas bark version is from the 99cent store.  They have big marshmallow cuties and I bought both a snowman and Santa.  I decided to use the Snowman for the middle here! I also added some cake decoration pieces that I picked up at various places- Amazon has a ton to choose from.

How to Make Christmas Chocolate Candy Bark!

White Candy Melts (or whatever color you would like, so many candy melt colors are available- red, pink and more!) 

Follow the directions on the candy melt package on how to melt (microwave in 30 second increments on the defrost setting, stir and repeat until melted)

Spread the melted candy onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.  

Add candy right away.

Since you add the candy right away so that the bark does not harden completely, I unwrap every candy piece that I may use so that I can out the candy directly on- the bark hardens very quickly!

christmas candy bark with lots of candy

christmas candy bark with lots of candy

Once the chocolate bark hardens- I find the chocolate bark hardens by the time I am done placing the candy on, you can break apart into pieces for easy eating!  The candy treat would be a perfect neighbor gift to drop off and make them smile this holiday season.

christmas candy bark with lots of candy

I just thought this little reindeer cake decoration was sooooo cute, so he gets his own picture.

reindeer cake topper

Cole liked the little reindeer candy too, well actually he loved all of the candy!

I did not end up using the Santa and chose the Snowman marshmallow, but he is a cutie too!

santa christmas marshmallow

snowman candy bark

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