Bar Cart Inspiration- Thrifty Thursday!

When I go thrift shopping, I have a mental list of items that I am on the look out to makeover or create.  A bar cart has been high on my list for a few months now.

Two weeks ago I found this guy:

* The before pics are from my iPhone, my Canon crapped out on me, so I am drowning myself in wine & tears have been working hard to repair it.

It is not what I had in mind at all so, why did I purchase?

Three reasons:

As you can see, much to my husband’s dismay, it does not take much to convince me to make a purchase.

So, I began collecting ideas on Pinterest.

1- Source2- Source /  3- Source/  4- Source

Now all these, of course, do not look like the crappy laminated wood one above, but I am drawing inspiration from them all and have come up with some ideas!

It may be awhile before I can post what happens, but I cannot wait to get my hands on it for some hard work and reveal it! Even if the reveal is actually a major DIY fail!

Anyone else come across some great finds?

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  1. Theresa

    October 5th, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    I'd love to find or make a bar cart. Sorry to hear about your camera! visiting from

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