DIY Mini Holiday Wreaths

I enjoy making wreaths sooooo much, as evidenced by my many, many wreaths on A Bubbly Life. Eucalyptus, more eucalyptus, disco balls, sequin, light wreaths and more! I had some leftover macrame gold rings from my wooden towel ring project and spotted them a couple weeks ago. I thought the gold rings could make perfect mini wreaths for the holidays!

Gold Metal Ring (macrame ring)
Christmas Tree Trimmings (asked the great guys at Lowe’s for their scraps!)
Floral Picks- (I used mini cotton & cranberry)
Floral Tape as needed

My method is to first lay down my tree trimming where I want it.  Since I am using floral picks, they have wire within them and I pick where I want the floral pick and use the wire to twist around the tree trimming, I included a close up here:

Using floral picks may be my new favorite way to make wreaths.  I always thought of tape as a hassle and I loved making my own wreath this way!  If the floral pick wire does not contain all the tree trimming that you like, grab some floral tape and fi it up.  I only had to use the floral tape once amongst the three wreaths.

Hang to your wall, door, fireplace and enjoy!!

DIY Disco Ball Rudolph

When I was done with this shoot, I texted my best friend a picture letting him know that even I think I am ridiculous.  But, it is so cute, right?? Whenever I think I am done with my many disco ball crafts, eventually another one pops in my head.  Enjoy a Rudolph inspired disco ball for your parties!  Pair him with a disco ball snowman!

Also, I mean ridiculous in that good, you just love me kind of way 😉

Large Disco Ball
Small Disco Ball (red or PINK!)
Headband Antlers
Optional: Glitter & Mod Podge in case you only find boring antlers…

Glitter your antler headband! Brush Mod Podge over antlers and glitter.

Glue, tape, hot glue gun, whatever your preferred method is and attach the small disco ball to the large disco ball (Rudolph’s nose)

When you glue anything to a disco ball, it will remove some mirrored squares if you want to detach it. I reuse my disco balls for crafts, so I usually do things a more temporary method and tape so I do not damage the disco ball. As cute as Disco Ball Rudolph is, he will not be a year round decoration, so I went with a temp method!

I have a ton more disco ball crafts and many for Christmas, be sure to check them out for all your Christmas and Holiday parties!

Merry Christmas!

Decorate for the Holidays: Cactus!

When I decorate for Christmas, I like to decorate anything and everything. Including my house plants, and I am kind of a crazy plant lady (who kills most of them eventually) but I have a ton around my house.  Cactus is a popular trend right now, but I live in Arizona, so cactus has never gone out of style and never will, we are surrounded by it!

I met up with Kristen Keogh, from Here With Her  to create a fun video showing how you can decorate your cactus at home in minutes with any fun trimming you have for your tree!  You may know Kristen from 12 news here in Phoenix!  You can find her on Instagram too!

This is my first video where I talk, haha so go easy on me, practice makes perfect!

Gift Guide: Kitchen

I love to entertain and host parties, so my kitchen gift guide is one of my favorites to create every year.  Although it is also difficult because I want everything on it & Christmas is about gifting others! So gift the wonderful hosts, cooks, entertainers and loved ones in your life some of these pretty and needed kitchen supplies!!


Forged Serving Set / Dessert Dish / Brass Measuring Spoons / Wood Coffee Filter Holder / Cocoa Pot With Acacia WoodCold Brew Coffee MakerRose Gold Cocktail Shaker / Blush Pink BowlsBlush Pink CupMarble Serving Board With Brass Dish /

More finds in the widget below! Happy Holiday Shopping!

DIY Iridescent Holographic Tree Ornaments

This year, I jumped on the very pretty iridescent holographic bandwagon with some planters (I still have them, LOVE them!) and then used the iridescent paper on pumpkins for Halloween.  I could not miss adding the colors to my Christmas tree as well and DIY’ed some holographic ornaments for the tree!

I had a DIY fail to begin with, I wanted to use mod podge, but it would not stick the paper to the ornament, so I chose a very simple way- tape!


Double Sided Tape

Tape (Use CLEAR)

Iridescent Paper- pink & clear   are colors I chose (available at craft stores)

White Ornaments


Cut a section of wrapping paper to fit the Christmas ornament.

Using the double sided tape, stick the paper around the ornament.

Use normal/regular clear tape to put down any paper hanging off.

I do not have experience wrapping anything round, so if there is some Martha Stewart superior craft method to doing it, go for it!  I did not have a particular method besides “get the paper to cover the ornament”.  I have the same kind of method for fitted sheets- fold it so it fits into the cabinet.

Hang from your tree- looks great on a white or colored tree!

Gift Guide: Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great gift for most anyone in your life.  They are thoughtful, affordable, come in a variety of subjects and make a great statement piece in your home when you are done reading!  Here are some with a little pink flair 😉

coffee table book ideas

The Grand Budapest HotelCherry BombeThe Cocktail / Paris in Bloom

SHE / Domino / Drink Pink- A Celebration of Rosé / All in Good Taste

I also included more in the Shop Your Post widget- some I want, some I own & love! (like The Fashionable Cocktail- gorgeous illustrations by Neryl Walker (who I loveeee))

I have more gift guides coming, anything in particular you would like to see?