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I have had to read this verse way too much lately as a reminder.  I put it on my instagram after the Pulse shooting and now after the tragedy and loss of life in Las Vegas, the verse circles back to me. Regardless of faith, I hope we can all hold on to the belief that there is goodness out there and light always overcomes darkness.  And we can choose to act with this goodness and kindness in our hearts.  Like so many people in Las Vegas did:

Acts of Heroism Amid the Gunfire     Veteran Borrows Truck & Drives Victims To Hospital   Blood Donation Lines     Las Vegas Heroism

And some fun links from around the web that wont make you cry (my pregnancy hormones are out of control & I’ve been crying a lot with all these stories)

His or Her Boo drinks, love them!

I’m obsessed with this white lace top. But sooooo not doable with my belly right now!

An homage to rose pink and using it in the home, I pretty much want it all.

Speaking of pink, I also like it on my clutches.

I started my baby registry this week, since the little guy was a (welcoming) surprise, we do not have anymore baby stuff, so starting anew.  It is so overwhelming, I feel like I have forgotten everything about little babies! Also, if you can tell me where to find cute baby boy clothes- please do! Also, best baby monitor? baby swing? Best everything and anything? Ha. Send wine. For after baby.

A Bubbly Life this week-  DIY Marble & Wood Toilet Paper Holder and Guest/Kid Bathroom Reveal

I received a lot of feedback on the wood round mirror in the bathroom reveal & GOOD NEWS it is on sale and additional 40% off the sale price, so it is like only $100 and I think I want another for my master bath…

Have a wonderful, safe, loving, kind, awesome, amazing weekend. Love you guys, xo


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