DIY Mini Holiday Wreaths

I enjoy making wreaths sooooo much, as evidenced by my many, many wreaths on A Bubbly Life. Eucalyptus, more eucalyptus, disco balls, sequin, light wreaths and more! I had some leftover macrame gold rings from my wooden towel ring project and spotted them a couple weeks ago. I thought the gold rings could make perfect mini wreaths for the holidays!

Gold Metal Ring (macrame ring)
Christmas Tree Trimmings (asked the great guys at Lowe’s for their scraps!)
Floral Picks- (I used mini cotton & cranberry)
Floral Tape as needed

My method is to first lay down my tree trimming where I want it.  Since I am using floral picks, they have wire within them and I pick where I want the floral pick and use the wire to twist around the tree trimming, I included a close up here:

Using floral picks may be my new favorite way to make wreaths.  I always thought of tape as a hassle and I loved making my own wreath this way!  If the floral pick wire does not contain all the tree trimming that you like, grab some floral tape and fi it up.  I only had to use the floral tape once amongst the three wreaths.

Hang to your wall, door, fireplace and enjoy!!

DIY Disco Ball Rudolph

When I was done with this shoot, I texted my best friend a picture letting him know that even I think I am ridiculous.  But, it is so cute, right?? Whenever I think I am done with my many disco ball crafts, eventually another one pops in my head.  Enjoy a Rudolph inspired disco ball for your parties!  Pair him with a disco ball snowman!

Also, I mean ridiculous in that good, you just love me kind of way 😉

Large Disco Ball
Small Disco Ball (red or PINK!)
Headband Antlers
Optional: Glitter & Mod Podge in case you only find boring antlers…

Glitter your antler headband! Brush Mod Podge over antlers and glitter.

Glue, tape, hot glue gun, whatever your preferred method is and attach the small disco ball to the large disco ball (Rudolph’s nose)

When you glue anything to a disco ball, it will remove some mirrored squares if you want to detach it. I reuse my disco balls for crafts, so I usually do things a more temporary method and tape so I do not damage the disco ball. As cute as Disco Ball Rudolph is, he will not be a year round decoration, so I went with a temp method!

I have a ton more disco ball crafts and many for Christmas, be sure to check them out for all your Christmas and Holiday parties!

Merry Christmas!

DIY Iridescent Holographic Tree Ornaments

This year, I jumped on the very pretty iridescent holographic bandwagon with some planters (I still have them, LOVE them!) and then used the iridescent paper on pumpkins for Halloween.  I could not miss adding the colors to my Christmas tree as well and DIY’ed some holographic ornaments for the tree!

I had a DIY fail to begin with, I wanted to use mod podge, but it would not stick the paper to the ornament, so I chose a very simple way- tape!


Double Sided Tape

Tape (Use CLEAR)

Iridescent Paper- pink & clear   are colors I chose (available at craft stores)

White Ornaments


Cut a section of wrapping paper to fit the Christmas ornament.

Using the double sided tape, stick the paper around the ornament.

Use normal/regular clear tape to put down any paper hanging off.

I do not have experience wrapping anything round, so if there is some Martha Stewart superior craft method to doing it, go for it!  I did not have a particular method besides “get the paper to cover the ornament”.  I have the same kind of method for fitted sheets- fold it so it fits into the cabinet.

Hang from your tree- looks great on a white or colored tree!

DIY Rainbow Christmas Stockings

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Christmas time means EVEN more craft time around our house!  As a DIY blogger, it is my job to create crafts and we all want more crafts around the holidays, including my two little girls!  Sitting down for a crafternoon happens frequently around here but something about Christmas time makes the crafternoons more fun and exciting.  We worked on these rainbow stockings and I give each girl things to do based on their ability and age.  We always include snacks for our craft sessions and these rainbow stockings were inspired by the new festive Skittles® Ugly Sweater Packs and created while eating everyone’s favorite rainbow candy.


Christmas Stockings
Rainbow Felt Colors
Skittles (optional snack, but makes everything more fun)

Cut felt into rainbow shapes.  We used one color set of the traditional rainbow colors- ROY G BIV (anyone else remember that?) and also included a pink pastel inspired rainbow design.  Pick your favorite colors and design your own rainbow!

Glue the pieces of felt to the stocking and allow to dry.

Hang your new rainbow stocking and fill with your favorite Skittles candies for a special holiday treat!

Skittles released special edition Ugly Sweater Christmas packs for the holidays and they are available at your local Kroger  in the section where all the holiday lights, toys, and treats can be found!

The girls and I loved the game on the back of the bag- Find your Elf Name! The girls closed their eyes, picked two Skittles out and then you find your elf name based on the color Skittles you picked- names like: Jolly Mcsparkles & Tiny Gifty-Pants!  Any elf name that had Curly Toes in it got the most giggles.

And the Skittles Ugly Sweater packs are available 2/$4 all season long!

Happy craft making and happy stocking stuffing!

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DIY Eucalyptus Olive & Floral Wreath

Our backyard is filled with trees. Landscape design is one of Nick’s many passions and I tease and call him Johnny Appleseed because he will show up with random trees and plant them on any given day. I never know what to expect, that man keeps me on my toes. We have a ton of citrus, eucalyptus and he just planted ones where the leaves change colors because I miss living in a place that has Fall. We have a ton more but there is no way I could name them all. Anyhow, I love it because we have so many trees that I use for projects at home, table design, and entertaining. I wanted a wreath for our home and decided to head to the backyard with my clippers!

Eucalyptus Trimmings
Olive Tree Trimmings
Florals (optional)
Floral Tape
Wreath Frame (I used an embroidery hoop because it is what I had at home or you can use a metal wreath frame)
Floral Scissors/Clippers

I wanted a wild look, so there really was not much method to creating the wreath. I would add clippings, look back and decide where I wanted more. The flowers were leftover from my milk bath maternity shoot (that I cannot wait to see!) and we were lucky to have some peonies!

The flowers will not last in the wreath but I figure I can replace the flowers as they wilt with any floral I have at home. Or it looks quite beautiful with just the eucalyptus and olive branches minus the flower accents:

Maybe I can add some cranberries with pins to it? So many options to play around with! Dried fruit?Ooohhh, maybe I will make more…

Happy foraging and Happy Thanksgiving!!

DIY Christmas Card Holder

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I am so excited for Christmas cards this year!!! Last holiday season was a little rough and I took a couple things off my to do list to take a break and sending Christmas cards was one of them. But I love sending pictures of the girls to everyone and am happy this year to be back to sharing a Christmas card. Mixbook has a beautiful line of foil holiday cards and I fell in love with them- they even offer rose gold as an option for the foil!

I also wanted to create a Christmas card holder for my copies of the card and for all the Christmas cards we are blessed to receive! Mixbook offers large canvas prints and I designed two large ones to hold the Christmas cards. A simple Scandinavian tree design and a reminder to Be Merry! this holiday season!

Elastic Cord or
Rainbow Felt Ball Garland
Tape or Stapler
Large Canvas Prints
Be Merry Design & Christmas Tree Design

No step by step photos because it is SO easy- wrap cord around canvas frame. Tape or staple the cord to back of canvas print. I used tape because I may want to keep switching it up every year- like using the rainbow felt ball garland. You could also wrap Christmas lights around it!

Now onto the individual cards! (and an excuse to show off my adorable family)

The Painted Heart Collage Foil Cards was a great choice to pick a couple photos- including the baby ultrasound and the back holds photo of Nick & I. I chose the rose gold foil because rose gold.

The Brushstroke Heart Foil Card holds one of our favorite photos of the girls from a beach trip and the back holds our ultrasound photo.

Shining Star Foil Card One of just Nick & I because hey that is how this little family began!

Foil Stripes Holiday Cheer Card & Cheers Foil Card Last, but not least… are two holiday cards for A Bubbly Life. I usually take a favorite Christmasy image from a DIY to send to my clients. I chose my DIY disco ball snowman & a pile of disco balls for the photos. I used rose gold & gold foil for the cards.

Check out all the wonderful holiday goodies available on Mixbook!

And do not forget the foil cards- Available in gold, silver and my personal favorite- rose gold!

Be Merry this holiday season and enjoy the beautiful memories in the making with your family and friends.

Post sponsored by Mixbook, all opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors who keep A Bubbly Life going!