DIY Magic Crystal Ball

These magic crystals balls are SO easy to make, here are the materials needed to make the crystal ball and watch the video for a quick tutorial.  I made these for our Halloween party for table decor but they can be used anytime for a party- Harry Potter party anyone?? Makes cute little party favors as well- any creative use you can think of, the girls want it as a night light, so I may upgrade the light source.

The lights I used are called balloon lights and are meant for parties, not to last forever. The time varies on how long they last 12, 24 hours and some had a dim light a couple days later.  I used approximately 4 balloon lights for each crystal ball.  If you want something that lasts longer for your crystal ball, an alternative may be a reusable tea light or led light.  However, if you get the smaller snow globe available at dollar store, just be sure the light you use can fit when you open the snow globe.  


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How to Make Your Own DIY Magic Crystal Ball 

Craft Snow Globe. (I saw these at the dollar store the other day, however they were smaller than the snow globe I used, the one I used is linked)

Balloon Lights (or if you want something that lasts longer, you could use a reusable tea light

Super glue (have to get a glue that runs clear- krazy glue is my choice for that (not sponsored)

Star Confetti


diy magic crystal ball with hocus pocus sign

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