DIY Glitter Confetti Coasters

Welcome to the last post of 2016!  A sparkly nod to New Year’s Eve!  Of course, these coasters are perfect year round, but they will make your New Year’s celebrations complete!  They are so easy to make but you need them to dry overnight, so keep in mind for your parties!!

Coasters- you will need coasters that you can fill like this, I see them all the time & now I cannot find a link! (I picked mine up thrifting)
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Fill the coasters with glitter and confetti.

Pour in mod podge.  If you get any bubbles poke them with a toothpick.

Let dry overnight.  Mod Podge dimensional magic says 3 hours, but I think because the coasters are big, it takes much longer.

Happy New Year’s and Have a safe and wonderful holiday!  I will see you back in January and be sure to follow me along on Instagram, I never stop over there πŸ˜‰

Thank you for a wonderful 2016 at A Bubbly Life!

DIY Paint Splatter Gift Wrap

 Oh my goodness, I loved, loved doing this.  It is my first paint splatter DIY and I am HOOKED.  It was so easy and really fun.  It is ridiculously fun to basically throw paint everywhere.  This gift wrap is not just for Christmas, but since it is Christmas-time and we need a way to wrap gifts- let’s make it pretty and easy and fun.

Solid Colored Gift Wrap- picked up mine at the 99 cent store!
Paint Brush

Put your paint in a bowl and add a little bit of water to thin out the paint.  Do not add too much water, just enough to make the consistency a little bit runnier so that it will splatter easily.

And dip your brush in the paint and “flick” it in air above paper.  Repeat until paper is covered.  There is no real method, just wave the paint brush around on top and watch as paint splatters.

Look at your pretty paper and wrap!

Unfortunately the pink splatter on the white doesn’t show in photo well but it is gorgeous!

Beware, 2017, it just might be the year of paint splatter DIYs!

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Holiday Graham Cracker House Decorating Party

* Post sponsored by HONEY MAID graham crackers

I am Soooo excited to share that thanks to HONEY MAID graham crackers I discovered the greatest solution for making a bunch of ginger bread houses to decorate for a party and hand over to a bunch of kiddos- graham cracker houses!!

So, a party must be had with this new found craft and it was a blast!

I picked up all the food supplies from Walmart– HONEY MAID graham crackers, Wilton candy melts, candy, icing, milk  and sprinkles.

I love the holiday season, but I am also a Mom, which means I have about ten thousand things running through my head at all times and despite my knack and love of entertaining- I also like to keep things simple, while at the same time make everything look awesome- with minimal effort.  Which is why every party I share on A Bubbly Life has easy party hacks to make it possible for anyone to do!  And graham cracker houses- anyone can do!

These were so fun to make and I made two sizes with the HONEY MAID graham crackers- one I called the graham cracker mansion and the other the graham cracker mini house.

Graham Cracker Mansion- 4 whole graham crackers and 2 cut with a serrated knife to give a “house” shape.  Connect the sides and the cut house pieces with icing- 2 whole graham crackers for the sides (let dry a bit) then the remaining 2 whole graham crackers for the roof.

Graham Cracker Mini Houses-   The same as the mansion except you are using half of a graham cracker for the side and roof.

The minis were for the kids to decorate:

Kalia wanted her house all pink (apple doesnt fall far from the tree πŸ˜‰ , so I used Wilton candy melts (also picked up from Walmart!) and covered the house for her in pink to decorate.

Each child had their own place card- and it was edible.  A very simple party hack!

How to Make Graham Cracker Cookie Place Cards!

Melt candy in 30 second intervals in microwave until melted.  Stir at the end of each 30 second interval (the package has the directions as well).  Use a bread knife to spread over one HONEY MAID Graham cracker and let dry/harden.  When ready, write the name in icing.  Let dry again and serve at party for a tasty treat as soon as the kids come in!

Each child went home with a little box to carry their graham cracker house, place card and more candy (if they left any of it at the table) and more HONEY MAID graham crackers to eat at home!  I added a glittered tree to each plain white carrying box.

Yummm… HONEY MAID graham crackers and milk.  This combination brings back so many childhood memories.  I loved soaking my graham cracker in the milk until it was almost too soggy and then eat it.  My sister and brother were quick dippers- they always thought I left it too long. But, I loved it.  Party hack: Put milk in a glass bottle and add to an ice bucket! Rim the milk bottles with some sprinkles and put in a straw.  Yep, I just made milk glam.

Christmas holiday parties are the easiest to decorate-  we have so many items we use during the Christmas season that can easily double up as decor.  Party hack- Christmas tree ornaments, tinsel and cookie cutters for table decor!  And, I had everything on had- so it was not only easy but inexpensive.  Also, with graham cracker house decorating parties, there is so much candy- use the candy to brighten up the table!

I loved the white sprinkles I found at Walmart- it made the houses look like snow was on the rooftop!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy decorating!  
Post sponsored by HONEY MAID graham crackers- thank you for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible- and yummy!

DIY Twig Name Tag Flags from Scandinavian Gatherings

I am so, SO excited to share Scandinavian Gatherings today!  Authored by Melissa Behan (otherwise known as Lulu the Baker in blog land) it is a beautiful book chocked full of recipes & crafts celebrating and embracing Scandinavian culture.   The book is a stunning homage to Melissa’s love and fondness for her Scandinavian heritage. I felt right at home while reading even though most of the ideas were new to me.  Melissa brings a familial warmth in her writing and I wanted to jump right in and share the traditions with my own family!  And, I did!

One of my favorite chapters in the book is the Woodland Tea Party!  Tea parties are kind of a big thing around here… lol, the girls loooovvvveeee them, so I knew I would tackle a recipe or craft from this chapter right away!

I chose the twig name tag flags to try at home.  The steps were simple enough that the girls could do some of the glueing and cutting and I wanted to share the craft with them.
Photo by Charity Burggraa for Scandinavian Gatherings

The girls, however, insisted on pink flags, so we strayed a bit from the traditional Scandinavian look.

Melissa has generously provided the tutorial for you below!  Thank you for sharing Melissa and thank you for helping me create new tea party traditions with my girls!!

Red card stock (or in my case pink πŸ˜‰ 
Scissors or paper trimmer 
31⁄2-inch-long twigs, 1 per guest 
Glue stick or double-sided tape 
White fine-tipped gel pen 
Thick slices of tree branches, about 1⁄4 inch thick and larger than
1 inch in diameter, 1 per guest 
Craft glue 
1. Use the scissors or paper trimmer to cut the red card stock into long rectangles measuring about 3⁄4 by 4 inches (one strip per guest). 
2. To make each flag, wrap one strip of the card stock around one end of a thin twig, lining up the edges exactly. Use glue or a piece of double-sided tape to a ach the card stock to itself. 
3. Cut a triangle out of the free end of the card stock to give it a flag shape. 
4. Write each guest’s name on a flag using the white gel pen. Allow the marker to dry completely. 
5. While the marker is drying, make a hole in the center of each branch slice by using a hammer to pound a nail into the center almost all the way through the branch slice, then pulling it out. 
6. Put a small dot of craft glue into each hole, then glue the twig flags into the holes. Allow them to dry. 
Note: Tree branch slices are available from the wood hobby aisle of the craft store. 

If you have a drill with a small-gauge drill bit, it will make holes in your branch slices much faster than a hammer and a nail. Just make sure you use a drill bit that is about the same size around as your twigs. 

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DIY Simple Cake Decorating Hack

Post sponsored by MARS.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own- Happy Anniversary M&Ms!!

Someone special is celebrating 75 years! Let’s Celebrate with M!!  To celebrate 75 years of deliciousness, we have partnered with M&M’s for some fun party hacks.

I love making “naked cakes”- a blank slate of a cake made beautiful and fun with a simple decoration hack.   Using M&M’s you can say anything you want on a cake!  And, who wouldn’t love cake with an M&M’s topping?

You can either order a cake or make one at home.  I picked up all my goodies at Kroger (otherwise known as Fry’s Food & Drug in AZ!)

Grab your M&M’s and begin to decorate!  You can do a number for a birthday or anniversary:

A shape- how about a heart to say I love you? You can also add M&M’s to the outside of the cake as shown (more M&Ms in each bite πŸ˜‰

Spell out a simple word- like Yay!  Or use the party recipient’s initials.

The best part?  It is SO easy!  Even I can do this (I am terrible at decorating cakes, so I need all the simple hacks I can get) and with 2 girls climbing all over me at all times eating the M&Ms as I make it, I love that this literally takes minutes to create.  Because the kids would eat all the M&Ms before I could get them on the cake if it took long πŸ˜‰

M&M’s also make the perfect party decor (and you can eat them when the party is over πŸ˜‰ I decorate all my tables with confetti- and edible confetti is the best!  Sprinkle the table with M&M’s for a colorful table backdrop.  I added mini balloons and confetti horns to create a bright, colorful party.

Another simple party hack is to fill bottles with M&M’s and use them as balloon weights.  For the picture below, I loved the look of the balloons on the table, so I taped balloons to the bottle.  But, fill big balloons with some helium and you have an instant backdrop!

If you feel like treating yo self with some M&Ms and do not feel like baking/cooking/decorating… (because kids).  You can get M&M cookies at your local Kroger bakery for a quick and yummy treat. 

Cake decorating made easy with M&Ms- yummyyy- Enjoy!
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How To Create a Crudite Platter for Summer Entertaining

One of my favorite appetizers to enjoy in the Summer (well, anytime really, but especially Summer) is a crudite platter.  Fresh, raw veggies is a light appetizer and perfect for the Summer when it is too hot to cook.  In Arizona we try to avoid turning on the oven in the Summer, because we live in an oven. The perfect pairing for crudite? Wine. Sequoia Grove Winery asked me to provide summer entertaining ideas using their wine and I knew exactly what I would make.

Best Tips for How to Make a Crudite Platter

Keep your veggies cold
.  I serve straight from the refrigerator on top of a bowl of ice.

Dips.  I like to use a black olive dip and tzatski.  Other options are ranch or another favorite salad dressing of yours for dipping.

Wine.  Serve with chilled white wine.  Sequioa Grove’s Chardonnay is a delicious pairing.

To keep the white wine chilled, I made floral ice cubes.  Since I was not using the floral ice cubes in any drinks and just for looks, you can use any flower petal.  If you wish to use the floral ice cubes in drinks, be sure to check out that your flower is edible and use pesticide free!

A simple way to make floral ice cubes is using a mini muffin pan! I love the shape so much better than an ice cube tray!

Color!  We eat with our eyes first.  Pick colorful vegetables for your platter! Instead of white cauliflower, I used orange. Beets, radishes, and heirloom carrots are vibrant picks that taste delicious with the dips.  Step away from the typical orange carrots and celery crudite- add interesting veggies to your platter!
Quality.  We are pretty much relying on the veggie to provide the deliciousness and therefore, we want quality ingredients.  Try to use organic when possible and the freshest vegetables available. The lettuce and tomatoes in our crudite platter was plucked out of my garden!
While you are enjoying your appetizer, decant your red wine for dinner.  Or have it with the crudite.  If you have been on A Bubbly Life long enough, you know that I enjoy red wine with everything. Sequoia Grove’s Cabernet Sauvignon is phenomenal.  Keep it for every dinner.  Im obsessed and this post is going to end up costing me a fortune because I am gonna buy a ton of it.

Visit Sequoia Grove on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram & in Napa Valley- in one of the last Sequoia sempervirens- in a 110 year old barn- with 18 acres of vines. All the heart eyes and glasses raised!

Post sponsored by Sequoia Grove Winery.  All opinions are my own and thank you for supporting sponsors that keep A Bubbly Life going!