Fall Inspired Charcuterie Board

I love a good charcuterie board, while it was a go-to for entertaining, we have a lot of “fancy” dinners at hone now with COVID and quarantine.  I ask the girls to dress up, light candles, give them fancy glasses (with water or lemonade) and it makes quarantine life more enjoyable.  I thought it would be fun to have a fall inspired board and get out of element of whatever we have in fridge or a visit to Trader Joe’s.

This week I will have a series on charcuterie boards- ways to make it look like you bought it a restaurant at home and a dried citrus tips/recipe.   But, let’s get to the fall board and I promise you will be able do this at home yourself, you do not need to be a stylist!

The garnishes are a large element to the Fall feel of the charcuterie board- mini orange pumpkins from Trader Joe’s infamous pumpkin tree, small white pumpkins, flowers and dried citrus.

If you can get your hands on some blood oranges they are a beautiful dried and perfect for Fall.

While I would use these types of food on many kinds of charcuterie boards, I was looking for particular colors to stand out from the cheeses for Fall. 


Some examples and ideas are below for richer autumn colors like reds, browns and more.

Red (or black) grapes


Dried Apricots (or any dried orange type food)


Pomegranate Seeds (which are great to sprinkle around and little pops of color to the white cheeses) 

Persimmons (they didn’t have these at store 🙁  and I love them)

Kalamata Olives



Cheddar Cheese

Rosemary (I do not know why but this reminds me of Fall, for a Summer board I would use basil for garnish) There is actually basil on the platter because I love it paired with prosciutto, but the rosemary was for garnish in this case.  

Serve with your favorite wines or a cocktail- I prefer wine with these- rosé (duh I love it) or red are perfect for. pairing and for Fall look. White wines, sparkling wines are great for a Summer look.  Obviously go with what you enjoy though!


Also, I have begun to experiment with dark photography (one of the things I love about my job is I can move on to different creative things).  Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. So cute and inspiring! Beautiful colors 💜🧡

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