My Cloth Diapers & What I Do With Poo!

When I researched cloth diapering on the web, I was overwhelmed with all the choices, decisions, diapers, and on and on and on… I just wanted to give up.

So I have decided to add to the wealth of information available, as I am a lazy cloth diaper- meaning if it was hard I probably would not do it.  There are MANY kinds of diapers and many methods- the following is what works for me.


BumGenius Hook & Loop Pocket Diapers
– I prefer pocket diapers for the flexibility-  I can add more inserts at night, use an alternate fabric insert and they do not take as long as All in Ones to dry.

BumGenius has adorable prints, colors, a great warranty and a great reputation.  No leak problems whatsoever! I love them and they truly have made cloth diapering easy and convenient for me.



1) Velcro (hook& loop) will most likely need to be replaced with another child, but the hook & loop were so much easier for me to put on than the snaps. I since have purchased a couple snaps because they were a cute print, and I still prefer the velcro over them.  As I said, I want diapering to be EASY.  If it bugged me multiple times everyday, I would not do it.

2) Pocket diapers do need to be “stuffed”-  an extra task amongst the million other baby things we do.  I stuff mine all at once when they are clean. On average it takes me 4 minutes to stuff diapers and I wash them 2-3 times a week.  8-12 minutes a week is doable for me.

– I purchased these because they were on sale and I wanted a travel system. Thank goodness for sales- because I LOVE these diapers!  They are slim fitting and make on the go much easier.  GroVia is my go-to for outings.


is a hybrid system- meaning you can use both cotton
and their BioSoaker disposable inserts
in the shells (great for travel). Their inserts snap into a shell, therefore, when you need to change, you are only changing the insert, not the shell (needing less room in your bag, as you do not need to carry whole diapers around- again, great for travel)

1) The inserts
are pricey, but you can use alternative cheaper options.

2) Unlike my bumGenius, GroVia does not wick away the wetness and therefore not my nighttime diaper.  It is also not my poop diaper as for some reason poop usually gets on the shells and I do not want to clean poop off.  (More on poop later)

Tips & Secrets to my Success-

– A large stash– If it is in your budget get more than the recommended amount of 24 diapers.  I have about 30 bumGenuis and 8 GroVia.  Add them to your registry!! My original stash of 24 was a gift!!
Due to my large stash, I think I will have longer use of the velcro and mostly it is piece of mind- I literally have never run out of diapers.

– Designate a color for nighttime-  Our nighttime colors are white, just because I find them kind of boring for daytime clothes, so when I got the stash, I decided to set them aside for night.

The ultimate key to my success is – What do I do with Poo? 

Kushies, I am pretty sure these are heaven sent

Kushies Flushable Biodegradable Diaper Liners– These liners are what keep me cloth diapering.  When I started cloth, I knew I would have personal limitations- POO being one of them.  Since I was nursing, I did not have to worry about it for 6 months, as breast feeding poo is water soluble.  Then came solid foods- and ewwwwww, a solution needed to be found.

I did not want to spray poop down a toilet, pick it off with a scraping tool or any of the things that many (more faithful) cloth diapering padres do.  I HATE dealing with poo.  All I do is take the liner off and flush it down the toilet.

Downside– If you have older plumbing or septic tanks you cannot use the liners as they will clog

Tip– I am paranoid they will clog my plumbing even though it is not old, so I leave it in toilet and flush it later in day so it degrades a bit.  Since this is in the guest bathroom, I sometimes forget about it, so if you are a guest at my house,  you may see a floating poo at times.

There you have it- the two diapers I use & how I handle poo!  Sooooo much info, I know, I know…

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

P.S.– I am not affiliated with these brands, I am simply sharing my experience with them. 

*contains affiliate links to Amazon

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  1. Unknown says:

    I wish I'd had read something like this when my son was a baby. My sister in law swore by cloth, and having gone through four kids I'm sure she was ezpert, but I was a lazy mom and disposables seemed easier. This all sounds so much more simple than I imagined it would be. If I do end up having another, I think that babies bum is going to be wrapped in clothies!

  2. Bunny says:

    Why would wearing pink cause "problems down the line" for a boy? How come it isn't demeaning to put a girl in "boy colored" diapers but there is something "wrong" with putting a boy in "girl colored" diapers? Isn't that sending the message that it is demeaning to be a girl?

    • Laurel says:

      No, I do not think it sends that message at all and I would say that is quite a stretch, but if that is what you think, you have the right to that opinion. Thank you for commenting!

    • Jessica says:

      I think she may have meant more for the child. I could imagine what my son would say in the future being 16 and seeing himself in a picture wearing a pink diaper. 😉

    • Laurel says:

      Thank you Jessica, and lol, we do not want to antagonize a 16 year old! The teenage years scare me, thank goodness I have quite awhile to prepare!

  3. Oh my Gawd. I don't have little ones yet (and yours is gorgeous btw) but wow, you just made me ponder – what to do with poo. The list keeps growing on my future mommy wonders. Holywow. I could still adopt a goat. 😉

    • Laurel says:

      I get asked What do I do with poo- ALL the time since I cloth diaper. Hahaha, I let you know on your goat post though, goat poop is Nasty! Little poop pebbles the size of a small mountain, multiple times a day. My husband is NEVER getting another goat!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What are the alternative cheaper options to the GroVia inserts???

    • Laurel says:

      You can use prefolds in the shells instead of buying the GroVia inserts. I do not use prefolds so I am not sure what sizes people use or any other info for you, but I know people do it!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have found that lining the diaper with a fleece cut out, kind of the shape of a peanut, between your baby's bum and the diaper works well with the poo problem. The poo doesn't seem to stick to the fleece & you don't have to keep spending $ on a consumable product. And, you can pick fun prints for your kiddo's personality. 🙂

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