DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Frame

My magnetic chalkboard DIY project was done a couple years ago, before I had the blog, but I still took one Before Picture (with mirror out) as I was excited to compare the transformation. 
Craigslist/Thrifted/Yard Sale Mirror 
Spay Primer
Spray Paint
Sheet Metal *
Sheet Metal Shears
Chalkboard Paint

 *Lowe’s & Home Depot both only had a couple sizes of sheet metal, so before picking your frame you may want to confirm you can get a sheet that will fit.  If your frame is very large, they may not have your size.

Remove hardware and mirror
Spray Primer on frame
Spray paint with your choice of color, since mine was black I needed a few coats
Cut the sheet metal to fit frame, it is very simple to cut the frame if you have the sheet metal sheers.
Prime the sheet to avoid rust.  Follow the directions on the chalkboard paint and paint the metal sheet (chalkboard paint has specific directions and it has been a couple years, so I do not remember, sorry!)
If you do not want the board to be magnetic you can forgo the metal sheet (keep the backing/art/mirror  to paint then!) 
Here are some of our uses:
Menus to make hubby drool when he gets home
I love writing menus down and pretending I’m like a real restaurant, haha!  Bonus points if you can figure out all I have written down- I cannot read what I wrote before prosciutto! The prize is my gratitude so do not get too excited ๐Ÿ˜‰

My Favorite Use

I used to entertain a lot, so I nag ask people to write their names on board.  I upload the picture as the cover on the party album on Facebook and tag everyone.

It is always funny to see what people write.  The above picture is from my husband and I’s birthday party- “Happy 41st Bday Nick” lol, he is not quite there yet.  It is a nice memory to have and was an unintended use for the board that I ended up loving!

My caprese recipe! I have others photographed, but not written yet for the blog, but you will see the look more!

The board also is used for reminders- like “pick up milk” or I love you notes. (we will keep the mundane and mushy stuff to ourselves though ๐Ÿ™‚


For cleaning you need to scrub with water and soap.  I try not to leave chalk on it too long or I will notice a light fading.  I have read other bloggers repaint theirs’ often, which is an option as well.  But I have found with scrubbing and not leaving the chalk on to long, that after two years, I have not needed to repaint.

Just recently, I discovered these Chalk Markers:

I love them! I always hated the powder of chalk and these go on smooth like a marker.  You can see the difference in the pictures, the last picture (caprese salad) was done with chalk markers, the others were not and are all powdery.

However, I have noticed that the writing is very difficult to remove, so I may have a repaint soon in future! Pick them up at Amazon or JoAnn’s (my Michael’s did not have it)

Please let me know if you have any questions and as usual, if you like what you see, I would love a pin and/or a comment!

*Amazon link is a referral link

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  2. ellysan says:

    I love this chalkboard idea!!! The greatest thing is the personal messages and "nagging"!!!

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    I love this and want to make it! Perfect for displaying what's for dinner!

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    This is ADORABLE!! Would love it if you would link this up at my trendy tuesday party!!

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    i love love love this!!!! Im hoping to find a larg sheet to fill my 5 by 3 foot wall. Any tips on where to find it?

    Thanks, Shay

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    chalkboard markers
    The things I have read here is truly marvelous, my hat is off to you really!

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