Nursery DIY- Flashcard Art Including Free Printables List!

Thrifted Frame
Choice of Spray Paint
Flash Cards 
Galvanized Wire
Bulldog Clips or Mini Clothespins
Staple Gun

Remove picture, backing etc from frame
Clean Frame
Spray paint chosen color

Placing Art:
Cut galvanized wire to fit frame
Measure the flash cards and measure distance needed between each line of wire
Use pencil and mark back of frame
Staple wire to frame
Clip on chosen arrangement of flashcards and you are done!

Some Notes:
Many sizes are available of wire, I used a thin wire (28 gauge)
Bulldog clips add a weight to the wire and will cause it to hang down, consider this in your measurements.

We have a french theme in Kalia’s nursery, so I spelled LOVE YOU with these French vintage designed flashcards.
Kalia loves to point at the cards, I oblige (she has me trained well) and read the words to her- and she HYSTERICALLY laughs.  I say the words all silly and probably definitely wrong, and I think she knows and I suspect she is laughing AT me, not with me.  So I have to say, the French was a great choice for our family!

Free Nursery Art Printables!
The internet has a TON of free flash card printables from lovely blogs that are beautiful- and I did all the Googling and searching for you!

French Alphabet

French via Mr. Printables– They also have many other free flashcard printables

The Handmade Home– an adorable alphabet set!
ABC Flashcards using Biblical Imagery (lol, A for Adam is funny!)
I love this set done by Homemade By Jill! 

Vintage Designed ABC flashcards– amazing!

Sorry this set is NOT free, but these are SO awesome and I could not resist including! Pick up here!

Want to check out more of Kalia’s nursery?

Project Nursery Gallery (I appreciate your rating if you are a member!)

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