DIY No Sew Tablecloth! Repurpose a Sheet!

I found a twin sheet for $1.99 (half off day at the thrift store!) and knew it would be perfect for a  tablecloth for Kalia’s party (pink & girly!)  And finally today, I have the quickie, easy tutorial on it!

It was a simple fix to make the twin sheet a tablecloth- no sewing of course!

I loved the print (pink & white stripes) but the sides of the sheet needed fixing up- it looked like a bed sheet on the table.

So, I purchased very large white ribbon and used hot glue to attach the ribbon around the sides of the sheet for the trim.  The quickie version of tutorial- twin sheet, glue, plus ribbon around edges = tablecloth!

Perfect and inexpensive!

Tutorial- this is one where you should do as I say not as I did:

Twin Sheet
Satin Ribbon* (I used 2 inch length)
Washable Fabric Glue*- (using a hot glue gun was what I did in a pinch, it was the night before Kalia’s party, hot glue gun may stand up for a wash or two, but not for long)

Measuring Tape/Ruler


I wanted my ribbon trim to hang low,  so I used the edge of the twin sheet to glue my ribbon evenly.

If you want the ribbon trim higher up on the sheet- use a measuring tape/ruler create a pencil outline around the perimeter of the sheet based upon how low you want the ribbon to hang as your trim.

Glue ribbon to sheet, lay books or other heavy objects on to seal.  Leave for 45 minutes.

And you are done!


*Ribbon has a tendency to curl when washed, the photograph shows it after a wash and a quick iron.  I do not mind the little ripple, so I did not iron it out completely around edges. The ripple is something to keep in mind for the overall look of your tablecloth.

* If your sheets are of thin material- use caution with the surface you are gluing on, the glue will bleed through to the surface.  Use something below the sheet to protect the surface.

Want another NO sew tablecloth?  Check out my tiered ruffled tablecloth tutorial!

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  1. Lucy Ball says:

    Love! When do you have the time to do all of these cute things? I also kind of like the way the ribbon is curled after washing. It looks boutique-ee.

  2. ellysan says:

    There are so many variations you could do with this!! I'm thinking Christmas Holidays!!

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