Valentine’s Day Candy DIY

After doing my little animal storage jars, I thought the idea would make a cute Valentine’s candy gift!

It is the same DIY instructions from the animal jar post with a Valentine’s Day spin:


Glass Bottles with lids (I save all my pickle, mustard, etc… I am a glass container hoarder)
Spray Paint Primer
Spray Paint
Glue (I prefer Liquid Nails)
Heart Ornaments (purchased at Michael’s)


1) Clean the bottles to remove labels.
– I soak them in a the sink with hot water and soap.  I leave for a few hours.  Some labels come right off, others need help from my butter knife!  You can use a product like Goo Be Gone for stubborn labels, but with the simple hot water and soap soak, I have not had to use it yet!

2) Spray paint primer on the lids.  Primer is important on the bottle lids if they have expiration dates on the lid- a couple coats of spray paint do not cover them up! (I know from personal experience as I am a lazy primer & skip doing so too often…)
3) Once the primer is dry, spray paint your desired color.   I wanted a gold glitzy look!

4) Apply some glue to the bottom of the heart and stick on lid firmly.
Let dry according to your glue directions and you are complete!

Fill the jars with candy for a cute and unique Valentine- forget the chocolate boxes!

Or use as storage in your craft room- and have an adorable toddler knock it over for you to get the picture you want!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. MYT CR8TiV says:

    Rubbing Alcohol will remove the expiration dates on lids and glass jars.

  2. Very cute! It's nice to put candies in those jars and have them as fun gifts for valentines…sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  3. tahira says:

    Welcome you are very creative.

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