Fringe Paper Lantern Party DIY

I love paper lanterns for parties- Paper lanterns are a blank canvas for a DIYer and I like to pick them up and play around with them! (I am weird like that 😉

I did a fringe lantern inspired by my over-sized fringe heart DIY.  I have some more DIYs coming with lanterns for all your parties this Spring and Summer!


Tissue Paper
Standard Scissors
Mod Podge
Small Paintbrush
1) Take 5 sheets of tissue paper and lay them on top of each other evenly.
2) For the long fringe lantern, I measured two inches up and cut alongside tissue paper with fringe scissors. (shorter fringe was half an inch)

3) When fringe line is completed, take standard scissors and cut above fringe line, leaving enough non-fringed space to adhere to lantern.

(Depending on the size of your lantern, you will have to repeat Steps 1-3 to get enough fringe.) (You can cut more than 5 sheets at a time, but tissue paper tends to slide, so 5 is a good number rule.)

4) Working from the bottom to the top, brush some mod podge on lantern and apply the fringe pieces to the lantern, one by one.   
5) You may have to cut some large fringe pieces down for it to fit correctly on the smaller sections of the lamp. (This is not one of my standard easy DIYs, it does take quite a bit of time to cut and lay on the fringe)

I did a long fringe version and a short fringe.  I change my mind daily which one I like better, so I included both.

Check out the DIY for the confetti background here!

Check out another Paper Lantern DIY- Nursery Light

Hope you enjoy, xoxo, Laurel

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