DIY Bubble Party Favors & Bubble Solution Recipe

Kalia, like most toddlers, absolutely adores bubbles.  So, when it came to making favors for her birthday party- bubbles was an easy choice.  It was so easy to make the bubbles, wand and jar for the favor!

If bubbles are not your thing, you can fill the jars with candies instead for a sweet treat favor!

How to Make Your Own Bubble Jar DIY
Clean glass jars, labels removed *
Spray paint or craft paint (it is easier to use spray paint if you need a lot of favors)
Liquid Nails (my preferred strong glue choice) 
Ballerina Topper– Plastic doll, animal, soldier (whatever goes with your theme!)

* I was lucky enough to get a huge box of empty baby food jars off of Freecycle! (I LOVE Freecycle & planning ahead for the party allowed me ample stalking time) 
However, no fear if you do not have a baby or get lucky on Freecycle- You can find empty baby jars on eBay or purchase jars wholesale

– If your lids have writing and stamped dates- remove with rubbing alcohol or use primer before painting.
– Paint lids and let dry.
– Glue plastic figure to the lid.

How to Make Bubble Wands DIY
Pipe Cleaner

– Cut pipe cleaner down to size for bottle.  (Since I used baby food jars, I cut a third off)
– Shape the top of the pipe cleaner into a heart or circle.

(I chose a heart for Kalia’s party)

How to Make your Own Bubble Solution
2 parts Dawn Soap (I used Clear & Free because I wanted the color to be clear)
1 part Glycerine
4 parts Water
Optional- food dye

Mix all together and they make AWESOME bubbles. Much better than the store bought ones I have purchased.  There were a lot of recipes on web for bubbles, but I found all used too little glycerin for me…
You can change the color of the bubbles to match your party with any food coloring.

Each guest went home with a ballerina topped bubble jar!

A homage to Nick’s Army days and Kalia’s love of dinosaurs- you can use any figure for any party theme!

How they looked at the party! Photo by Tay Glazner Photography

Ballerina Topper Source

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